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  1. Hi guys. I am trying to save but validate duplicates in a grid before saving. I just want to use JavaScript. I tried it like this but could not get value when using ds.getAt(i) but i get it...
  2. Once again thanks BernardChhun. Eventually it worked. I added the following to JS:

    var id_value = ds.getAt(0);
    var optLock_value = ds.getAt(0).data.optLock;
  3. Thanks a lot BernardChhun. I got what u meant and the post i got is:

    content: 1.dfdfdf Introduction South department

    data: ...
  4. \

    To Ans ur questions
    1. Firebug does not pop up or show anything unless i click on it.
    2. Server sends the data to the page as expected.
    3. Im not sure but I can see the same data that I...
  5. :-/:-/
    Hi Guys,

    I am retrieving info from mysql db, but when i change that info and save to db, it does not save. I think it uses the original DataStore instead of using the changed 1.

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