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  1. I believe this model is a better way for Sencha to price their products:

  2. Unfortunately I have to agree with you.
  3. Can I buy a single copy ExtJS 5 under the old license agreement? If so, where is the download?
  4. I think this is a bad business model. It kills the single developer who is trying to learn the product and prevents them from selling it to their managers.

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I have...
  5. So it looks like it is not possible to purchase a single license of Architect any more?
  6. Does it support 6 yet and if not where can I purchase version 5?
  7. Thank you Mitchell.
  8. I have publish all the ext js commercial libraries to my application, but I notice that the .css files seem to be referenced via the bootstrap.css file by the import:
  9. So I changed the tooltip type to "title" which makes it behave better. Can someone explain why?

    Ext.define('MySchool.view.subject.SubjectNewTool', { extend: 'Ext.panel.Tool',
  10. I have a tool on my application. It is a plus tooltip type that has some length to the text that I set up in the Architect. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

    I am using:

  11. I am not sure what the problem was, but I created a separate store for the combobox and that seemed to make the issue go away. As it turns out, using the grid's store didn't give me the results I...
  12. 1. I created the button in one of panels that created in architect.
    2. selected the button in the IDE, and clicked on event bindings,
    3. selected 'click' in the drop down.
    4. selected the created...
  13. I have a grid with a combobox editor for the cell and when the grid first shows and I select the combobox, the drop down list jumps to a different part of the screen. This only happens on the first...
  14. I upgraded from Architect 3.0.4 to 3.1.x and now when I ask the architect to create the event handler for the button click, it doesn't add the (button, e, eOpts) arguments like it did in 3.0.4. Can...
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    Sorry Aaron, I meant to mark yours as the best answer. :">
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    Thank you Aaron. So how do I download the install to my PC without going through the purchase process?
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    I don't know if I am posting to the correct forum, but I recently purchased the sencha complete license for my MAC and I was wondering if I can install a copy of the sencha architect on windows7 box....
  18. Okay I am going to close this. Now it seems to be working. Thank you.
  19. It is a big application with a java backend. Let me see if I can strip it down enough to do that. I will get back with you.
  20. I am getting a syntax error in the ext-all.js code at line 21, column: 50630: "Function.prototype.apply: Array or arguments object expected", when I try to load my app in IE 11 running on windows...
  21. Can someone recommend some books or guides that I can read about how to do production branding and font changes to sencha's CSS style sheets?

    I am pretty ignorant about CSS style sheets so I...
  22. What event gets fired when I click on the down arrow of the combo box? Perhaps a better question is, "How do I pre-populate the combo box and then not have it try to load the first time I click the...
  23. In Architect I am looking at 'appFolder' and 'appProperty'. Can this be used to do what I want?
  24. I have my app.js installed in the jsinterface/thematic/esmAggregate/ directory but I need to run my index.htms or index.jsp from the root directory. When I do this I get the following errors in...
  25. I am trying to get the radio boxes in the radio group to be mutually exclusive. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


    * File: app/view/EsmAggregateFormPanel.js
    * This file...
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