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  1. triggerAction: 'all'This is the solution.
  2. I have a combobox with defined jsonstore. The jsonstore loads fine - I've checked it in "load" event of jsonstore. The problem is that combobox doesn't update the items itself, and I also can't find...
  3. ComboBox.valueField = "id";
    ComboBox.displayField = "text"; = new{autoDestroy: true, fields: ["id", "text"]});
    then it works
  4. I can see that if I lazily init the combo:

  5. I have a structure with data for combobox like this:

    var a = [[1,"text1"],[2,"text2"]]
    I load it like this: a);
    But when I have only 1 item in the array

    var a =...
  6. Never mind, I've added a space control as the eighth control and it solved my problem.
  7. I have a form with a tableform layout, and it's layoutConfig { columns:2 } . I have 7 controls on a form and an editorgrid in the bottom. Editorgrid has colspan : 2. When there are 8 controls at the...
  8. I have a combobox with ForceSelection=false (the user can input text that doesn't match any existing items). How do I pass this text to the server in a postback? I can see that the value gets passed,...
  9. The solution: set ForceSelection to false.
  10. The combobox has some items defined. So when I try to type in the combobox my custom value that is not present in the items list, the combobox text gets reset to the previously selected value. How...
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    How to specify a left margin for a checkbox?

    xtype: 'checkbox',
    name: 'mycheckbox',
    boxLabel: 'my checkbox',
    hidden: true
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    Actually, this approach worked fine, but if there are any other suggestions, then write them here ;) .
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    How to get the row which was selected before the rowclick event? Should I just store the previously selected row in a "private" variable?
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    I have a textfield and a grid. The textfield displays different value depending on the selected row. But if I edit the textfield, and then click another row (In other words, the textfield doesn't...
  15. Never mind, I just directly add a new record to grid's store using the add method and it works just as I want it.
  16. I want my form with an editorgrid to be loaded with one new row. I pass it from the server and load it in the JsonStore using the data property, but it is loaded as a non-phantom and not dirty row....
  17. I was inserting the records incorrectly. I was inserting them like .add({ContactName:"aaa"},{ContactID:1}), and should have done it like .add({ContactName:"aaa"}, 1) . Now everything works fine.
  18. Maybe the idProperty shouldn't be defined directly in the JsonStore config? I don't see it in the list of available configuration options in the help reference.
    Or maybe the records should be marked...
  19. Actually, I am inserting a record to the store with the ID that I am searching for:
    var r = new{SomeText:"some random text"},{iD:CurrentID});
  20. I've also tried:

    var records = AdditionalGridData.query("iD", CurrentID+"", false, true);
    but that also didn't help!
  21. Read somewhere on the forums that:
    you need to pass record id (f.e. "ext-record-1") to Store.getById instead of your data ID (f.e. "1");
    Is this correct? Where do I get that record id?
  22. I have a store which is defined something like this:

    var AdditionalGridData = new
    { root: "result",
    data: { result: Ext.decode(this.Data.AdditionalGridData)...
  23. I have editing controls on my form for some rows of the editorgrid. The rows that are not edited will have empty values in their record data. But on the other hand, that doesn't take up much space.
  24. Yes, I understand this, but the jsonstore is defined in the editorgrid class, which I don't want to inherit. Besides, there will be blank extra fields for records which are not edited by additional...
  25. Because the grid is a class itself which I can not change because it will affect other code which already uses this grid. I can inherit from that grid, but to my opinion it is probably easier to...
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