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  1. Changing the storeId to the same value as the userClassName works!

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Sure, no problem.
    This project is the same scenario I described in my first post.

    I renamed MyStore to Customer and it ain´t working, rename it back to MyStore and everything is fine.

    zip with...
  3. And why do i get a " is undefined" in firebug as soon as i rename the userClass ?

    Renaming back to MyStore and everything is working again.

    Ignore me if this is a stupid question, i am...
  4. When i use the commands from the 'Getting started with Ext JS 4" guide, to create a production build from the designer 2.0 generated files:

    sencha create jsb -a designer.html -p app.jsb3
  5. How to reproduce with
    - Create new project
    - Add a panel
    - Add a grid to the panel
    - Create a Store, i used JsonPStore
    - Rename the userClass of the store to 'Customer'
    - Select the...
  6. Designer files (.js and .html) are always written to the deploy root, all MVC files are written to the changed appFolder, e.g.:

    Deploy path in Settings: /deploy/
    The changed appFolder: ext/app
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