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  1. Hello,

    does anyone know how to use regular expression in a XTemplate? I want to filter values based on a regular expression, like showing all the 'text' without the word 'the'.

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    You have to set it to false, not none. Then now animation will how.
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    SOLVED! var currentDate = new Date(); retrieves current date:)
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    When i tried to load my ap,, on a Samsung Galaxy S, the icons wont load of the tapbar and the backbutton is not shown properly. And the app is too 'width', but maybe this is because...
  5. When an application is added to the home screen, a few days later the app won't load the icons of, for example, the TabBar. This happens on the Iphone 3g and Iphone 4.
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    When my sencha app is added to the homescreen of an Iphone 3g and an Iphone 4, the first time it is loaded the standard icons of the tabPanel are shown. But when i load the app a few days later, the...
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    When an item in a list is clicked, an other card(panel) is made active with information about the item. When the back-button is clicked, the other card is made active and the list is shown.

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    Hello, i am trying to store data in a store from a JSONP file and display the data with a dataview. The JSONP file is a YQL url, and returns the right object:
  9. Your tabpanel consist of a couple of items. An item can be a panel, with a card layout too. And that panel had two panels or containers as items, which you can use to display the content of the list...
  10. Is it correct that it is not possible anymore to post something on the sencha toucn standard forum, or to open a new thread? When i want to reply to a thread it only shows the login screen, and after...
  11. Is it correct that it is not possible anymore to open a new thread?
  12. Yes, make the TabPanel Item a Panel with a card layout, and 2 panels(or containers) as Items.
  13. Wow, what a great reply! In my code the 'get groupfunction' was like this:

    getGroupString : function(record) {
    return record.get('lastName')[0];

    The [0] stands...
  14. Can anyone give the code of the solution? The provided link is dead now.
  15. Hello,

    i would like to know if it is possible to group items in a list to a whole value and display this value. I want to group players of a soccerteam by position. By default the postions ,...
  16. Thank you very much! It works:)
  17. Hello, i wanted to build my first app. At the moment it consists of TabPanel, docked bottom. In Chrome and a Iphone simulator everything works fine. But when i load it on my Iphone(3g,4g) it wont...
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