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  1. Hi Meindert,

    I'm having the same issue you reported, did you find a solution?

  2. To take this a little further

    if I comment out the following line

    $form-field-height : 24px ;

    from my current sass file the problem goes away, so this is presumably interfering with the...
  3. Hi there

    thanks for the feedback.

    I'm not using a custom theme as such, but am using CSS (from SASS) to make the checkboxes smaller and closer together than the standard view.

    It is quite...
  4. This problem appears to have become much worse in

    With the checkbox code I had working under 2.0.0, now I've migrated to sometimes the checkboxes change state on tap, and then...
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    Has anyone found a way of creating and attaching an attachment to an email in ST2?
    This seems very useful to me.
    Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi,

    Does anyone know of a way of minifying and/or obfuscating local storage value pairs and key names?

    My interests are two fold
    1. To minimise the amount of localstorage used by my app
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    Thanks Mitchell,

    I have removed the fieldset from the example I posted completely and the problem still exists.

    I've also found the same problem exists with a checkbox field.
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    REQUIRED INFORMATION version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.01
    Sencha Touch 2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome (Windows)
    Safari (IOS)
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  9. It did indeed. I don't have a problem with that, I've now modified my code to ignore this change.

    However, I'm very surprised to find this behaviour happing in 2.01 when it didn't happen in 2.0.
  10. I had something similar, I needed to add double quotes around the name of the field


    var exField = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('textareafield[name="myfield"]');
  11. Since the upgrade to 2.01, my controller code detects onchange events when the form is loaded with data from the local store. This did not happen with ST2.0,

    I upgraded my app to ST2.01 in the...
  12. I'm sure this is excellent.

    I see nothing when I go to

    Would you be able to give an idea of how to add this to an 'off the shelf' ST2 app?
  13. The problem appears to be that the div x-field-mask does not match the area where clicking causes the check to change visible state.

    The only work around I can find is to carefully manually...
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    This has been reported as a bug and accepted as TOUCH-2850
  15. Tested on Sencha Touch 2.01, same problem.
  16. Sorry,
    I forgot to add this information

    Version tested:
    Sencha touch 2

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome on Widows
    Safari Mobile on IOS
  17. I would expect the event handler to always fire, when the check visibly changes

    When setting $form-field-height in scss a checkbox is created which does not behave as would be expected.

    See my...
  18. Have you tried setting the appropriate CSS variable?

    $form-label-width : measurementDefault width for form labels.

    at the bottom of the page ...
  19. Thanks very much.

    It appears that my 'values' in
    var values = form.getValues() does not change when the form is changed, your
    field.getValue() reads in the current value. Which all makes...
  20. Mitchell, thanks for the suggestion.

    Unfortunately it makes no difference.
    I originally had it as a number which was the obvious choice, and changed to text when that didn't work.
    I have tried ...
  21. I overcame a similar problem by replicating the offending class in my scss and changing the values appropriately, effectively over writing it
  22. When I set the value of a numberfield and then read it back, I get the old value not the new one.
    However the UI shows the new value. I'm assuming its either my code is reading back a cached value,...
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    Thank you very much bortron5000 , you are addressing the issue and this has got me moving in the right direction.

    You had me a little confused by saying I should stop using IDs (which I agree...
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    I've distilled the code down to show what I'm trying to do.
    I understand what the problem is, I just cant find any information detailed enough to allow me to fix it.

    This is the view I...
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    I'm trying to reuse a view several times in a tab panel.

    Currently I have a simple but long view and a simple but long controller which interacts with the view using static references to the...
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