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  1. update: coming from the Sencha Touch 2 world, I didn't know EXT4 project needed to be run under a web server (Touch projects can be accessed through file:/// and they run). So I started a webserver...
  2. here it is.

    If you find the bug please reply.
  3. 1- I start a blank new EXTJS 4.0 project with Sencha Designer 2 Build: 311.
    2- I drag a Store in "Stores"
    3- I save and deploy

    I get TypeError: 'null' is not a constructor (evaluating 'new...
  4. No 404 since the port is not open (server is not running/listening). How can I detect that?
  5. I have a Dataview bound to a Store bound to an AjaxProxy. It works well.

    When the server is not responding, the Dataview is empty. I would like to detect a server not responding to show a message...
  6. Component config: "sort alphabetical" mode is lost every time I go in the main Design/Code pane. By returning to "Sort by Group" each time, It makes the feature unusable.

    I would save lot of time...
  7. I'm using Designer.
    I need to toggle easily between "http://localhost:8888" and "" for all proxies urls.
    So I set all proxies url to relatives values eg. "/api/products"...
  8. The docs for Ext.field.Select says the Store is optional but Designer keeps telling me "The following components are missing a store: MySelectField" even if I set 'options' to a {text:...
  9. hum yeah you're right it works with MyApp.model.User :">
    I thought I had tried all the possibilities

  10. It doesnt work, it says 'undefined':

    launch: function() {

    var User = Ext.ModelManager.getModel('User');

  11. I use Sencha Designer 2.

    I defined a model named User with a rest proxy bound to it.

    I just want to autoload the data in it when my application load so I can show "Your username is:...
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    since "animals" is an array I put the following

    afterFilter: function(data) {
    // We don't want to work with the animal object
    // but rather with its inner object cats
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    I tried that and yes it shows the cats but the problem
    is that when I click on a cat the onItemTap function
    doesnt give me a reference to the cat I clicked. It gives
    me instead a reference to the...
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    Using the code above, how can I procede if my data is nested ?

    Say I have this JSON data, how can I
    send only the "cats" array to my DataView? :
  15. hello!

    I have a big form with 100+ fields. The fields are dynamic (not all fields are shown to every user, and there is too much possibilities to handle the form customization on the client side) ...
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