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  1. Hi,

    Any updates about this issue ?

    We still have the problem in 2.3.1.
  2. You can download a sample project here (too big for file attachments) :

    I forget to tell that the bug is only visible in compiled...
  3. Hi

    Button image in ToolBar are shifted (right) from 0.5 pixel only in Google Chrome (and not in all toolbar...!!!)

    Here is a snipet of the generated html for the button (look at the "left"...
  4. Bump, i can confirm, it's not fixed in 4.07 !
  5. Hello,

    Any news about this bug ? I'm getting the exact same thing displaying charts on the fourth panel of my carousel.:-?
  6. The following code is working for me :

    store.proxy.extraParams = {month:12, year:2010};
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    Thanks for the link. Do you have a similar opensource project for the java language ? (I imagine you are using a similar project for the gxt docs)
  8. This is fixed in the 1.0RC thanks.
  9. Hello,

    I'm getting the same kind of problem using the "RGRAPH" library to draw chart in canvas. On each graph i can "tap" to display tooltip or any kind of information about the part of the chart...
  10. Hello,

    On iPad/Google Chrome, the popup of a Ext.form.Select has a incorrect height if there is too many items (more than the screen can display).

    I'm using a store to populate the Select :
  11. Same problem here as you can see on the following screenshot.
  12. Thanks
  13. Hello,

    As you can see on the following print-screen, when i expand the popup of a combobox, the selected item in the list is not the item corresponding to the rawvalue (ADC) but the next item...
  14. Hello,

    Using binding with ComboBox throw a ClassCastException cause the FieldBinding call the "setValue" method on ComboBox field with a String value in parameter and setValue is waiting for a...
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    On Chrome, rows in TreeTable are empty, you can reproduce the problem on the gxt 1.2.4 demo.

    Probably a bug on old version of webkit cause i don't have this problem with safari 4 (both...
  16. Just use the StoreFilterField Component and add it to your toolbar (or anywhere :D )

    // Gestion des filtres
    StoreFilterField<BaseModel> filter = new StoreFilterField<BaseModel>() {
  17. This is a good news, any idea of a date for the next release of GXT with all that fixes ?

  18. Hello,

    As you can see on the following screenshot, i'm getting a problem with popup position of combobox. It work properly on IE7/8 and Firefox but it does'nt on Chrome and Safari (webkit).

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