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  1. Hi,

    Can you tell me where the extension forum is located?
    All I can see is ext.js extension forum, and no sencha.

  2. Hi expert,

    I need a good example on how to handle zoom on pinch event on mobile like IOS.
    I've searched the whole forum and any other site.. There's really none that touch / finish this subject...
  3. hi,

    I manage to achieve this by using:

    onItemDisclosure: function(list, record, index) {

    //switch the view to carousel (my main content view) ...
  4. Hi, I'm using standard list (text). each item in the list has its own content, which I put in other view using carousel layout. here's the layout i want to achive...
  5. Dear gurus,

    I'm new to sencha, and currently designing mobile site for iphone.
    Need guide on styling my web:
    1. I'm using TabPanel to navigate through site.
    Default style for TabPanel is...
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