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  1. I have a reproduceable bug with the carousel. Particularly the bug occurs when creating a carousel with no items. Code to reproduce below:

    var car = Ext.Viewport.add({xtype: carousel});...
  2. I've solved the problem by having an iframe inside a div with webkit-overflow-touch:scroll. Still it is not perfect.

    I'll probably wait for 2.1.0 which has api to open an url in safari..
  3. My app builds & works fine.

    When I create a native package by directly packaging the "production" build by

    stbuild package packager.json
    it installs on my ipad properly.

    But when I package...
  4. I've some helper js files which I use in my app. It works fine in testing & debug mode. But during the production build, it is not included into the app.js. I'd to explicitly include it in the...
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    How do I rollback an stbuild install
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    I built the the GS (Getting Started) app. The orientations are not changing .. What do I need to do ..
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    I upgraded the stbuild . have sdk-2.0.1
    This is what I've in my packager.json.
    "orientations": [
  8. The Listener on store load was interfering with the way I was changing the tree. Once I changed the

    onStoreLoad : function () {

    This fixed the reverse...
  9. The problem in my case is that , I cant load the whole tree via the API .. It is a changing structure on the server side :( .. So loading the tree upfront is out of question .. Given this situation ,...
  10. I've a link on my app which goes to ppt file. The moment I tap the link,the ppt downloads & fills the screen. As the browser back button is not displayed, I cant even go back to my app.. How do I...
  11. I've need to change nested list dynamically .

    I'm adding records by

    nestedlist.getStore().getNodeById('id').add(records) .. For most cases it seems to work ..

    But suddenly either...
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