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  1. Hi Phil
    This is the example I'm looking at and connecting to dev.sencha web server is giving same result
    I have a WIN7 Pro 64bits. I ha ve tried using IE 32bits or IE 64bits. I can't zoom when...
  2. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.0

    Browser versions tested against:

    IE9 (Browser mode 9, Document mode 9)

    IE9 (Browser mode 9, Document mode 8)
    FF30 (OK)
  3. Hi,
    I'm getting into this issue too with 4.1.3

    If I call then Window is not destroyed on close
    If I call then Window is destroyed on close

    In step-by-step DEBUG ...
  4. SA comes back with this issue
    I'm not blocked since I got this error twice and now I'm able to create touch/extjs projects without any problem (I deleted project files, open SA, create...
  5. Thanks for that !
  6. For both field I have changed what SA upgrade modified, and that's ok
    Because both fields were not quoted before upgrade (I gave you code found in .js files, not values entered in editor)
  7. Hi !
    You were saying to give more space to popup, my screen is in fact big enough for SA Viewport
    Here is a screenshot of the popup I cannot close

    Here, SA is fullscreen, but if I reduce SA...
  8. Hi Phil !
    Thanks for investigating on this.
    Unfortunately I think I have some bad news :

    I have DirectX 11 installed on my Win7 Pro 64bits platform
    Architect is fullscreen opened (1920 x 1200)...
  9. 1/ numberfield default value is changed from int to string (0 => '0')
    2/ combobox default value is changed from string to quoted string ('mystring' => '\'mystring\'')
  10. Replies
    Yep, ESC works. thanks!
  11. This error does not show up any more in Log popup. And my browser console is clean.
    It seems that error only came up during/after project ugrade.
    SA 2.1 did not relay this error
    SA 2.2 do not...
  12. Here is a screenshot. Please note that my mouse was over the X button and that did not change button color (blue on mouseover). It's change to blue on mouseover after moving window.

    And thank you...
  13. Replies
    Take a look at 2.2 behaviour :

    @Doug : Just let SA open CMD windows. Then CloseAll (Right-click on task bar...

    Architect Build tested:

    2.2 Build: 894

    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.2.x
  15. Loading an Architect 2.1 project with Architect 2.2 makes an upgrade of the old project.

    I'm getting 2 errors in Log status :
    framework error : Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined

  16. Hi !
    Is it possible to change functions/references ordering in controllers ?
    Every new function/reference is added at the end of controller's 'children' nodes.
    Dragging function is allowed but...
  17. Hi!
    I've same behaviour for all my projects, even for new ones.
    Can't wait next release...
  18. Hello,
    As far as I'm a premium member, is it possible to get access to premium forums ?
    I've tried contacting @support@ many times but got no response !
    Can anybody help me on this ?
    Thank you
  19. REQUIRED INFORMATIONArchitect Build tested:

    2.1.0 Build: 676
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.1.3

    Default value for attribute selectedItemCls is x-view-selected instead of...
  20. This bug does not seem to be resolved.
    Same issue with 4.1.3
  21. Same issue with ExtJs 4.1.3
    Tree store with 500 elements under root (no sub level).

    Execution of is very very slow !
    And it seems to come from...
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