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  1. Hi

    Is it possible to have a combo box use multiselect=true and use the RowEditing/CellEditing plugin?

    I have a store which has a field containing a comma separated list of IDs for the...
  2. Hi

    I have a form with a combobox with a grid below that. The columns in the grid can change depending on what the user selects in the combobox.

    I understand that you can change the store and...
  3. Ah thanks kveeiv.

    I was unaware of the 'editable' property.

    Thanks again
    -stephen tyler
  4. When I create a combobox with multiSelect=true and forceSelection=true, the user can still edit the text.

    Am I missing something here? I would assume the user would be prevented from entering...
  5. Hi

    Lets say I have an application called 'Derp'.

    name : 'Derp',
    appFolder : 'app',
    controllers : [ ... ],
  6. Thanks stevil. You are correct.

    When using my own theme with 4.0.2, the scroll bar is broken. When I revert to ext-all.css the scroll bar works just fine.

    Hopefully this issue will be fixed...
  7. Hi

    Vertical scrollbars work fine with ext-4.0.1 but do not with ext-4.0.2 and ext-4.0.2.a.

    My ext folder is simply called 'ext'. I am renaming ext-4.0.2 to 'ext' to switch versions.

    By not...
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    I figured out the problem. I was in the wrong directory. Could someone close this thread?

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    After following the Theming guide in the ExtJS 4.0.2 documentation, I encountered an error.

    I ran the command
    "compass compile resources/sass"

    but it gave me the error
    "You must compile...
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    I'm a bit confused how model object validation and form validation work together.

    Lets say I have a User model and the last name is required.
    Ext.define('....model.User', {
    extend :...
  11. Greetings.

    Here is the situation:
    I have an ExtJS form that has several elements which are used to filter the results from a database table. I choose to go with standardSubmit = true because the...
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