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    I am also facing this issue, store loads automatically even made the autoload: false.

    Can you please give workable example here that store not load automatically in treepanel. It may be help...
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    Please update me on this. I am confused here.
  3. Resolved!
    For others which may have same issue:
    Just load view file using required. And in controller, when load this view load respective controller using getController.

    win =...
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    Hello Friends,
    When we make our code in production, we do all code merge in app-all.js file for better performance.

    I have some question in it
    1. We have very large application, there are lots...
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    Hello Scott,

    I have also did for closeAction change to hide. But it seems like window close will destroy all events.

    But fortunately the problem is solved and I am surprising the way how it is...
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    Hello Scott,

    thanks for replying. I have removed the id and got store using component query and load store. Still issue is persistence. I don't know wht happening inside.

    First time when I try...
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    Hello All,

    I have event calender of ExtJS4 MVC. I am loading all events from store load. All is working fine. But once I close window and reopen it, and try to load calender from store it throws...
  8. Hello Friends,

    I have created webdesktop architecture in MVC structure. But I have problem when open more than one window and open previous opened window, I can not navigate the page after then....
  9. Thanks for replying.. in MVC we have to call init function at one time only.
    It works now.. thank you for your help.
  10. Anyone knew this MVC issue?
    please let me know. if not getting question then also. I really need the solution for this.
  11. Hello,

    I am facing the problem at MVC architecture. I might be doing something wrong but cannot identify the actual problem.

    I am using Ext.create for getting views. But it creates new instance...
  12. Hello Guys,

    I am using EXTJS4 version. when I am trying to load data in form using load method. Its throw me an error like "405 Method Not Allowed".

    We are fetching data from cross domain...
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    thanks for this comment, I also had a DOCTYPE in landing page.. that I have removed and working fine in IE8.
    But wondering why that DOCTYPE is break the code in IE8.
    thanks again :)
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    Thanks for this link. its save my lots of time. although I have spend more time to fire keyup event on extjs. but no luck. this is helped me a lot.
    Thanks again.
  15. Thanks condor, its working gr8
  16. I have problem while using Xtemplate. my code is below :

    <div id="message-preview-tpl" style="display:none;">
    <tpl if="display_received"><div class="post-date"><?php echo...
  17. Hi,
    I am using the radio button in a grid. it is working nice by extending radio row class.
    But now I want to grouping in radio button in grid panel.
    for example : radio group for 1st 3 rows.....
  18. Hi,
    This is really helpful for working with component delete and re-add... But I have one problem for re-add the removed component. Please tell me how I can add again removed component.
    I have...
  19. I have problem while edit the grid in treegrideditor.>:)
    I have added one column for radiobutton. for that I extend it to class.
    var radioColumn = new Ext.grid.RadioRow({
  20. First thank you to ' teqneers' to provide this way for working with tree... and finally thankfull to mm_202... your work is also really great. I was just going to quit-up and...
  21. Hey,
    I am also using a EditorGridPanel and having a combobox with valueField and displayField.
    I don't know why u guys not having that problem what I have.

    After using this script, after change...
  22. Thanks Condor.
    Its rock................ :)
  23. Hello Friends,
    I think now anyone of you might got this answer...
    I am also stuck here for the same situation. Please give reply on my thread. ...
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    Here, edit mode means I have data from database and need to populate in form.
    And form does not have any field default. We can create form-field on fly.
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    @ test45 : Thanks for your example... It tricked me where to generate data. Hopefully I will get success....
    @ Animal :
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