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  1. Hi. I've searched (google) for "ext 2.3 toolbar combobox size" and variation, but failed to find anything useful.

    After upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3 I bumped into issues with input fields being...
  2. Yes. I played around with CouchDB and the ExtJS adapter provided on Couch's wiki It works quite well though the adapter doesn't support the...
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    I'm using CouchDB and ExtJS at (site for developer conferences, target towards Swedes). I haven't trimmed Ext down - loading ext-all is way more than needed. Ext core is too small...
  4. I ran into this too: jsonData is sent as a parameter string:


    instead of

    "title": "",
    "description": "",
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    Yes and no - we've had success with xpath expression. It works, but terribly slow in IE.

    click || //table/div[text()='TheTextOfACellInTheRowToSelect']
    Where possible we've tried to...
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    We extended the ComboBox template to set known ID on the trigger (combo's id + '_trigger') which is more QA (human) friendly.

    Not everyone can do this - look at the initList method carefully...
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    I've had less time to work with tests lately, but what we've done is two things:

    * To make sure things appear in a grid, we use xpath expressions like //div[text()='Make sure this appears']...
  8. @Animal: Sorry, but keeping a reference like you proposed doesn't help. In fact, I can't get it to work at all (using client inside notifyDrop for instance - however, this.client is populated, but...
  9. Dear Animal, I really don't know what you're after (you replied to my workaround, which works as expected). My problem is that the second part of code, in the first post, behaves in a way I didn't...
  10. It wasn't that easy - I get notifyOut with wrong scope, which explains the strange behaviour. However, WHY the scope is wrong is unknown. I'll not bother looking into this (unless the client asks for...
  11. And the CSS I've added is:

    .tt_slide_drag_over {
    border-top: 3px solid #00ff00;
  12. The image below shows the bug. On the left is music album covers that has been dragged and dropped on the right area a couple of times (each block in the list to the right is a DropTarget). As you...
  13. Hi.

    On my left I have list of items (a DataView) where each item has a DragSource setup. To my right I've a list of Ext.Panels, each set up with a DropTarget. Both source and targets belong to the...
  14. Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.
  15. A solution I've used to that problem is to let every component set it's id from OR parent_id + (if specified). In your case it'd look like niceGrid_btnSave and uglyForm_btnSave.
  16. This is verified in FF2, IE6, IE7 on Windows XP and Safari on Mac.
  17. I also tried
    * click
    * clickAt
    * mouseDown
    * mouseDownAt
    * The span element
    * The li element

    One of the combinations works. Guess :)
  18. I'd argue that this is a bug - the SelectionModel should behave the same in IE/FF. Why would I wire my things to an event on the gridpanel and not work with the SelectionModel?
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    Whe're using Selenium Core and a separate smallish framework for starting browsers on a range of machines (we didn't want the heavy load from Selenium RC/Grid - requiring you to put tests in code (vs...
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    This is kind of solved:
  21. That piece of info would be nice to have in the docs (or have the event removed, or explained) - I fell into believing I could use this event too.
  22. I just found Ext.util.TextMetrics which will help an awful lot :)
  23. Hi.

    I've been searching for this but can't seem to find a solution. I have a GridPanel where I'd like to provide a RowExpander _if_ the data of one columns is too wide to be displayed.

    Issue 1:...
  24. jguenth: What solution did you come up with?

    Similar to
  25. Using mouseDown instead of clickAt works for Firefox.
    Evaluating the xpath expressions in IE is the primary issue right now, it just takes forever and the test halts with the internet explorer popup...
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