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  1. This is excellent material!!

    Thanks for taking the time to put this ant script together.
    And for the nicely done tutorial...

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi!

    I'm using this configuration in my app.json:
    "buildPaths": {
    "testing": "build/testing",
    "production": "build/production",
    "package": "build/phonegap/www",
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    Yes, thanks, that's exactly what I tried to explain in my post.
    I'm using the great service to get the data64 and store it in localstorage.

    I just wanted to know if it was a good...
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    Sorry to insist... anyone?
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    I am developping an app using ajax requests to fill a local storage store.
    Among the data that I get back from these requests are images (small ones).
    More precisely, I get the URLs for...
  6. I had the same problem while running the sencha command being outside of the sdk directory.
    I solved it by changing to the ST2.1.0-b3 directory.
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    Sorry I didn't refresh this page and didn't see the previous answer...
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    Try this
    $ sencha generate app APP_NAME APP_PATH

    But you'll still have to update your app.js to contain the correct path to the sdk:

    'Ext': 'touch/src',
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    Thanks, that did the trick!

    Any update on the sencha command upgrade tool?
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    Thanks for your answer.

    I understand what you are doing, but I don't see how this would help me.

    Let's say I want to translate the 'yes' and 'no' buttons of a Ext.Msg.confirm box. I don't see...
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    I have been looking for a while now, and cannot find good information about how to localize the standard components.
    I have been trying these kind of approaches:

  12. Hi!
    Thanks for your reply.
    Actually, I finally pointed out my problem.
    I have a controller in which I was declaring the 'stores' config:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.MyController', {
  13. - Sorry to insist, but when I use 'autoLoad' (and thus remove my manual call to myStore.load()), the 'load' event is still fired twice, and the first time leads to an error in the console.log.
  14. Thanks mitchell.

    I did change 'refresh' by 'load', but the problem still occurs.
    I found out that the 'autoLoad' config seems to be the problem.

    When I deactivate it and load my store...
  15. I'm trying to figure out when a store is ready to be used within my app. I figured from the doc that if I want to display information from my store, I should listen to the 'refresh' event of my store...
  16. Jump to post Thread: Tab by snam

    That is the purpose of the 'activeItem' property.

    You can set it in your config or dynamically (like any other property) using 'setActiveItem()'
  17. I agree, but it's kind of 'ugly' especially because I have quite many stores...

    Isn't there any other 'more elegant' way.

    Overriding Ext.field.Select seems possible but I would need some help ;)
  18. I found this solution (in the Sencha Touch 1 forum, but it worked for me in ST2): requires an override of the...
  19. I understand that a 'selectfield' is meant to choose among the existing 'options' that you provide (or from the entries in a 'store').
    What I would like to have, is to possibility for the user NOT...
  20. I think I identified the problem.
    In Model.js, in the 'onClassExtended' function (which I guess is called when I define the 'CustomModel' class):

    * @property {Ext.util.Collection}...
  21. Hi!

    I would like to do model cross-fields validation.
    I read this thread ...
  22. Thanks!

    Excuse my ignorance, but how can I span the whole area with my div? I tried using CSS in my itemtpl setting width to 100% but I still have a white border coming from the x-list-item div....
  23. Also, I understand I cannot get to the x-list-item from inside the itemTpl, but could I use a member function of the itemTpl and use some Ext.ComponentQuery to get to the x-list-item ?

    I really...
  24. Thanks, that is what I was thinking... no css parent selector...SO what about the other thread I mentioned, AndreaCammarata seemed quite affirmative about the possibility to fill the whole list item...
  25. Hi!

    I read the following thread about conditionally coloring a list item:
    However, I can't make it work for ST2......
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