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  1. Hello,Can you fix this problem ?

    if (!ret && session) {
    // @TODO: session - we'll cache the result on the record as always
    // but to get it we must ask the session
  2. I want to do that :
  3. Yes, but if I add my component to items, it will be added to the layout and not in my DIV. I want that my component will be managed like an item.
  4. Hello,

    I have a custom component with a HTML canvas inside and I want to add into an another component. These components uses the ViewModel and can be added and removed during the application...
  5. Fiddle:

    Ext version tested:

    Ext JS

    Browser versions tested against:
  6. It's not working : =/
  7. How to display a referenced field to a grid ?

    I have a grid and I want to display the name of a referenced object. How use a reference in a dataIndex ? Or maybe an templatecolumn ?

    Do you have...
  8. Hello,
    I want to sync an associative store to my server. But I have an error because the associative store (with a session) has trackRemoved=false. Due to this option, when I call the sync method,...
  9. Hello,
    I have an error if I use a session with a remoteFilter.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.myview.MyViewModel', {
    extend : '',

    stores : {
  10. I use your solution with drop :-)
  11. Do you have any idea?
  12. Thanks
  13. Hello,

    I use a form to upload a file. When my form is validated, I use the submit method and I want to get the request's result. To do this, I set a form's reader to specify the successProperty,...
  14. So I have to use a Session ? But do we have a global session ?

  15. Hello,

    I want to get record's data from a relation. When I used the getter, I have an instance, but all fields are empties. You can see my example:

  16. Yes is a solution,but sencha cmd with his build tool can't auto-load validators like panel or grid (when we used xtype) ?
  17. Hello,

    When I use validators to my model, I have some synchronously loading warnings.

    An example:

    Ext.define('ModelName', {
    "extend": "",
  18. I have differents namespaces and despite that, the generated names aren't simple.

    I rename my base models from ModelName to BaseModelName and I keep my namer.

    Thanks for your help.
  19. Hello,

    In a view, must we require the viewModel and the viewController?
    Sometime without requires, everything works, sometime the controller and model aren't loaded and sometime they are loaded...
  20. Hello,I changed my Namer. I rewrite the inverseFieldRole method to have better names. For example, i have two models with a reference :

    Company.namespace.basemodel.MyFirstModelImage -> ...
  21. Yes, we have two associations.
  22. Yes, sorry :)
  23. Hello,
    I define a reference to a model in my parent class. When I use my child class, I have two associations: one for my parent and one for my child.
    You can see an example to my Fiddle :...
  24. I want to remove a record with the model's erase method. When my store has autoSync=true the erase request is sent two time.
    When I remove autoSync, it works fine.

  25. Ok, thanks for your help.
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