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  1. I do not know what I changed ... However, now it works all the sudden
    --> Let's assume that this was just a moment of weakness
  2. I created a sencha Touch web app with Architect and use some CSS to change the look (e.g. to change background color of list items). It works with my iPad Safari. If I create now an icon on my home...
  3. I defined global variables in a separate js-file, included the js-file in index.html and app.json
    --> see also
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    I don't find the setUrl-method, does it really exist?

    I did now

    var p=this.getProxy().getInitialConfig();
    p.url =...
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    I define a jsonp proxy to read data out of iTunes, the url is (... is the search string)
    It works for a given search string.

    How can I...
  6. Unfortunately I don't find anything in the console. I have the following situation (see coding below)
    - ActionButton1 works
    - ActionButton2 does not work (actionsheet comes, but button does not...
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    Have you seen "Ext.get"?
  8. I have a view and want to use an actionsheet for further functions.

    The actionsheet is defined like

    var GroupDetailsAction = Ext.create('Ext.ActionSheet', {
    width: '300px',
  9. You could do

    Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem(Ext.create('name of view'));
  10. Hi,
    I defined a tabpanel like this

    Ext.define("DK.view.Main", {
    extend: '',
    requires: [
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    I added the files to app.json and indeed, now they get deployed.

    However, if I add the files not to index.html, I get an error in the code referencing to the global variable in one of my files. It...
  12. I was too optimistic: I still have the issue that after a new deployment I have to delete browser cache (and loose all localstorage data)
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    well, in my case it did not do an automatic refresh without "Ext.getCmp('DK_round').add([resultTable])". The add-method triggered the refresh but not the setHtml-method.
  14. I also had problems with this when I started to use it a few weeks ago. Since I was (and I am still) in a steep learning curve, I am not sure that my problem was same. Anyway I was able to solve my...
  15. What is really the difference, documentation says:

    'package' creates a self-contained, re-distributable production build that normally runs from local file system without the need for a web...
  16. This error happened with some development after I wrote my message and did not cause the original issue.

    What I realized so far:
    - I deleted the files in project folder archives
    - I deleted the...
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    I want to include my own javascript file into a sencha touch project (having some global constants etc.). To do so I just created the file in the app directory and used in the index.html a
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    - I have a panel defined
    - build the string in a variable (page_html)
    - set the html using the method setHtml().

    The following works now but I would like to know whether there is an easier way...
  19. You can do this with a model and a store, there are plenty of examples on the web. I am also new with Sencha Touch, so maybe this is not the best way:...

    Here are two which I used:

  20. Hi,
    I have an issue with my HTML5 app (using the localstorage for data):
    - works with my local apache server
    - I create a productive version with "sencha app build production"
    - I copy all files...
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    I have a panel and change in a program the html content. How can I refresh the panel so that I see alway the actual html content?
    Thanks and best regards
  22. I did this (took me hours to find this out):

    Calling a new view:

    On the new view, define a button "back"...
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    If I define a check box with something like
    { xtype: 'checkboxfield',id:'NG_paused , width:'200px'},
    the system shows the check sign aligned to the right side. I did not find a way to...
  24. in the meantime I figured out that it seems to be a problem of the store:
    - the store uses localstorage, there seems to be a problem, further investigation will be done
    -if I use a store with an...
  25. Hi,
    I want to define a form with a selectfield connected to a store. My code is
    { xtype: 'selectfield',
    id: 'test',
    name: 'test123',
    store: DK_players_values,
    displayField: 'name', ...
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