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  1. Colin,

    I have changed my code since i reported the issue. But i have created a test case to reproduce it. Below is the trace and the code to reproduce it.

    12:17:28.642 [ERROR]...
  2. Ok..I am sure that GroupSummaryView is creating issues with RowEditor. When I switch to GroupingView RowEditor works fine.

    Is this a Bug or I am doing something wrong!!

  3. Ok I think I found the problem. If i remove GroupSummaryView from grid then RowEditor works as it suppose to.

    /*gridGen.setView(new GroupSummaryView()); */

    I am still investigating why? ...
  4. I have crated multiple Grids from a single GroupingStore. Grids have GroupSummaryView as view. I want to use RowEditor plugin but having some issues implementing it. Below how you can reproduce my...
  5. Colin,

    As you mentioned I created a store and connected it to multiple grids. You can see it below:

    Thanks a lot for the direction.

  6. This is my first post. :)

    I want to display two grids at different tabs for the same data store. Grid one will display all the mandatory fields and grid two will display rest of the fields. I am...
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