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  1. you mean remote debugger like "weinre". I have no error/warning message on the console. the app works on the browser. it just doesn't work when packaged like an app.
  2. I have a Sencha Touch 2.1 native app that was compiled using Sencha CMD 3.0. It is working fine on Android build 8 and above until I found its not working on Android 4.0.3 and 4.0.4.

    My app is...
  3. i would remove JDK/JRE if have installed any and Sencha SDK tools.

    Install only the JDK, it contains JRE. Then download Ruby, SASS and COMPASS. If you are on MAC, then download XCODE from the...
  4. did you also download the xcode command line tools. installing xcode from appstore is not enough. you can find the package for xcode command line tools once you log in to your developer account
  5. Replies
    i am probably shooting in the dark with this answer. have you tried creating a blank json file and load the empty json file.
  6. Have you already installed SAAS and COMPASS? In not try installing those first.
  7. i had the same issue couple weeks ago.
    1. remove the sencha sdk and only install sencha 3.0 cmd.
    2. check if sencha is command is working so far
    3. create a sencha app using sencha 3.0 cmd.
  8. just an idea

    Method 1
    create a new sencha app using sencha cmd. then copy your files old 2.0.1 files to new app.

    Method 2
    i think there is an update commend.
  9. i will give it a try
  10. The data you have listed on model as such.

    {name: 'uuid', type: 'string'},
    {name: 'premium', type: 'string'},
    {name: 'location', type: 'string'},
  11. - are you on the latest ST version? ==> 2.1 (check)
    - are you using the latest CMD to build the app? ==> (check)
    - have you read this and the following?...
  12. bump
  13. I am a Sencha Touch 2 newbie. I started working on Sencha Touch 2 a month ago. Fortunately, I got the app build in just 2 weeks but having loads of problem packaging into a native apps.

    Problem 1...
  14. thank you for the reply.

    did you also update the jdk/jre? I saw a thread where it talked about uninstalling the jdk and re installing to make it work.
  15. what was the solution for this problem. Did upgrading to the latest Sencha Touch Release fix the problem?
  16. On the presidents example, which can be viewed here

    I am trying to make a small modification.

    On Main.js controller a function is created,...
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