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  1. If this is so "simple", then how do you add a grid/tree panel as picker that properly handles key events?

    Just overriding createPicker() results in a grid panel whose rows can only be selected...
  2. This is really awesome. I can't wait to try it out.

    One question---how would you debug an app? I'm not familiar with the Google framework.
    Would you resort to debugging javascript? or can you...
  3. Viewport >> Panel with Fit layout >> Accordion Panel >> Panel with vbox layout and autoscroll = true >> Grid Panel

    Step 1. Create a viewport
    Step 2. Add a panel with fit layout to the panel
  4. ??? Unless you're saying a gridpanel can't be a static class, then this is a bug.

    Did you try to replicate it?
  5. The instructions I gave are clear enough to reproduce with Architect.
  6. ExtJS: 4.2.0

    Setting the singleton property to true in a GridPanel results in a javascript error "Cannot read property 'isInstance' of undefined "

    Shouldn't we be able to do this?...
  7. Ext version: 4.2.0
    Browsers: Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 m, IE 9

    When using a gridpanel as a direct child of a vbox container, itself part of a complex layout, the auto-scroll...
  8. Yea it sounds like its the issue. Prefer to keep my win box running lean and mean. Will wait for next release.
  9. Build: 894
    OS: Win 7

    Description: After working on complex layouts for a "while" (1hr+), scrollbars, buttons on popups stop working

    Steps to reproduce: ???
    Open a "complex" project
  10. Yeah, well my app used to it. And when Architect upgraded the app to 4.2, it broke the app. The reason was because Architect removed all the name properties from all checkboxgroups.

    This sounds...
  11. Funny thing happened as I upgraded my Architect project from extjs 4.1 to 4.2... all the checkboxgroups lost their name property.

    I checked the docs, and the name property no longer exists for...
  12. Nevermind ... it seems that the upgrade didn't go so smoothly but I was able to delete the invalid referrence in the application config.
  13. Build: 894

    Description: After upgrading the project to 4.2 in Architect 2.2, hitting the save button re-adds a deleted model to the Application

    Steps to reproduce: (not really sure if...
  14. +1
  15. Ah... the issue is TreeStores. They don't have loadData()!
  16. Nevermind... there is loadData(). Don't know how I missed that :-)
  17. In Ext JS 3, we used to do the following:

    Compute some params dynamically. (Ex: params: {taskID: 1} vs params: {taskID: 2} depending on the current "task".)
    Pass these params to an...
  18. That returns an HTML Element. Isn't it true that HTML Element != Ext.Element?

    I need the functions contained in an Ext.Element. Last time I tried to get the HTML Element, it didn't have the...
  19. Did you read my initial post? Whatever is returned by grid.getView() no longer has an equivalent getRow() function (that returns an element representing the row).
  20. Nope. Doesn't work for me...unless I'm doing it wrong: I created the most simplest example---one grid panel, added a containerclick event listener and added the code below. When it gets to getRow(),...
  21. Workaround: enter the root as a string first (ex: text: 'hello'), preview the code, then convert the string to an object.

    Wierd. Sigh...
  22. Build: 678

    Project Type: Ext JS 4.1

    Description:Adding a root property to a TreeStore causes Architect to crash every time

    Steps to reproduce

    1. Create a new project
    2. Add a tree store
  23. The issue of whether or not it's an old property is irrelevant. You should be able to pass options to controller listeners (which you can do in ExtJS). It looks like a feature that Architect is...
  24. Build: 678

    It's currently not possible do the following code using Architect:

    Ext.define('app.controller.myController', {
    init: function() {
  25. Looks like you can't do this in Architect:

    Ext.define('app.controller.myController', {
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