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  1. link of site not working how can I download ?
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    I am working on a Extjs application and some inline styles are getting generated which creating some issues for a panel. There is an inline style in the html when viewed through firebug but...
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    Thanks Sword. You are doing this on button click I want to do it afterrender on base of property passed in config. How to do that, I tried below but getting error:

    afterrender: {
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    I have code in which I have one fieldset Hidden by default but want to show it on some condition.
    How to achieve this, I tried getting object using component Query and then called show(), but that...
  5. thanks scott. I tried that but earlier i was not trying it correctly. Now it's working :)
  6. I have a code in which I created a component. On click of apply I want to save this forms fields object and make available for getter. So that Parent container can read that.

    I also want all field...
  7. I am having a formpanel with no store currently. What I want to achieve is on clicking Apply button in that panel store the data object of that form in a variable in json form. How to achieve this?...
  8. it is resolved now i have used

    this.trigger.setDisplayed(false); to hide the trigger button .
    and readOnly property to make it readonly.
  9. Sorry again..I mean to say readonly..

    Can we hide/unhide dynamically using hideTrigger property??

    Basically in New Record form we have to enable this trigger and in Edit form we have to make...
  10. means ?? no solution to disable combo trigger?? And access the value of combo after disable.
  11. Yes.

    I also have one combo that I want to make non-editable(readonly), but want to submit the existing value with submit.
  12. I want to disable a field but also want the access of the values while submit??
    As per default nature of HTML form, disable fields never get submitted. But I need it

    What can be alternate of this...
  13. anyone know about this behavior?
  14. Hi,

    When we disable any button it's work as expected in IE (means button is not click able and disabled) but in Firefox it seems to be disabled but when we
    click on it , it got executed. Why?
  15. Sorry I got is working fine when I am calling it's name resetCntr()
  16. Hi,

    I am trying to call following function through createCallBack

    function resetCntr()

  17. Thanks Animal it works for me. Its a gr8 piece of code =)
  18. I saw this in Doc but this is just a setTimeout but I have to reset session counter when Ajax call is made just after that.
  19. Hi,

    I have a web application of which one part is made in ExtJs.
    We are using a counter to keep track of Session time since no activity is done...if user is inactive for 25 minute show him an...
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    I noted in FFox timer not work until focus is on that there any workaround that timer work if window is not active
  21. Thanks to you :)

    I used

    buttons: {ok:'Ok', cancel:'LogOff'}

    it works gr8 doing the same purpose
  22. where I have to right this line? I need to rename both YES, NO button to OK and LogOff

    my code is:{
    title:'Session Time Out...
  23. Hi ,

    Can we have custom button for Messagebox Show
    I need to button with name

    OK and Logoff. If Yes, How?

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    I have Javascript function that is created in a JS file
    How to call that function from ExtJs

    function showCookieInfo(tmout){
    When I try following
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