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  1. Same issue
  2. I downloaded the Beta from today. I set up a blank workspace and used the "initialize tests" button. I added a scenario. I added a basic test with the default assertions in it. I used...
  3. Pay for Sencha support and I'm sure they'll give it to you.
  4. Still not fixed in 6 GA; but thanks for the private patch, Sencha Support :)
  5. I tried it in fiddle and it doesn't repro. However, when following the contest setup instructions, it did end up automatically downloading the "trial" version of ExtJS (even though it's...
  6. Using 6 GA classic; consider the following configuration of the Main viewport (from the contest):

    viewModel: { stores: {
    feeds: {
    type: 'feeds',
  7. Also rolled this into fiddle:pdh
  8. Simple example:

    * Media "navigator" shown when media "strip" is clicked in MPI

  9. This guy, in it's basic usage form:!/api/Ext.Video

    In all other platforms I tested it works fine.

    In iPOD (not PAD, POD, yes they're making a...
  10. Ah yes sorry:!/api/Ext.ux.colorpick.Selector somehow I had wrong link in my clipboard; update OP
  11. Also when I click "View Source" it only shows me the view.js, not model or controller.This baby of mine is great for studying how to utilize heavy data binding for UI "animation" behavior.

    when you click Live Preview you get "TypeError: undefined is not a function"
  13. I figured out that both "cls" and "html" properties will work inside of widget's "element", i.e.:
    Ext.define('MPI.view.MyWidget', { extend: 'Ext.Widget', xtype: 'mywidget', // The...
  14. I was rather unhappy to see that a basic Component in the modern toolkit forces a 2-layer DOM on me (unlike ExtJS "classic" toolkit, with only 1 layer).

    Guilherme from support suggested that I try...
  15. yes :)
  16. I guess the real issue here is that "sencha app watch" doesn't recover. Yes, indeed, when I first save the file, it's only content is "filename.scss" (which is a quick way to save files in sublime)....
  17. Hmm it appears i cannot repro in isolation; I'll see if I can provide a repro with my partial extract. When ya'll gonna get 6 onto fiddle? :)
  18. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    iPad3 Safari
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  19. This app was originally generated using "-modern" with sdk

    [INF] -----------------------
    [INF] Waiting for changes...
    [INF] -----------------------
    [INF] Application available at...
  20. I'm running a "modern" app and I just noticed that in dev I get the "ALL" file loaded:


    I've gotten used to debugging through ExtJS as regular part of...
  21. I was reviewing Container implementation to figure out how they got rid of this part, and I couldn't believe what I found:
    * Initialize layout and event listeners the very first time an item...
  22. This probably applies to Sencha Touch all the same.

    With ExtJS I'm used that xtype "box" or "component" with "html: 'blah'", will produce me a single DIV with "blah" in it.

    With ExtJS 6 Modern,...
  23. Ha! It was the missing trailing semi-colon! What a bad error message for this tho...
  24. All I did was run "sencha generate app" using CMD and ExtJS 5.1.1 (current one you can download from support portal).

    When I fire up the starter app in Chrome, I see: [W] targetCls is...
  25. Yes, everything works fine if I remove this code. Sencha Cmd v6.0.0.154
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