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  1. Maybe someone find the wrong part, the list doesn't update itself, when adding an item:

    This is where I add an item to the store:

    var newItem = Ext.ModelMgr.create(items, 'MyItem');
  2. I'm having two lists which are based upon the same stpre but with different filters. (each filter gets applied when showing the view).

    If an entry is added to the store, no view gets automatically...
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    In jasmine you need to add all files to test (of course). So you need to add your whole application and then write a test for the part you want to test.
    This should work if you only use local data....
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    I would like to know a best practice, too.
    Today I'm using jasmine for testing some util JS-files but I haven't tried to test a whole sencha touch app. But this should also be possible...
  5. If I would load the store every time the component gets rendered: wouldn't this slow down the application?
  6. The problem was, that I use a filter method.
    So you need to reapply a sort, when you filter your store.
    Just do myStore.sort(); do the trick :)
  7. What about adding a listener for swipe on both panels and then call one function to do the scrolling?
  8. Thanks for your reply!

    Now it's 3-5-2. (sometimes 2-3-5 and sometimes 5-3-2 and so on)
    But the sorting function itself seems to work. When I debug the result for every comparison is correct:...
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    It depends on the platform. As far as I know you can't install apps on an iPhone (except via the AppStore). For Android you can easily install any .apk on your device. Which I would recommend because...
  10. Hi there,

    I have a store with items. Each item has a property "date" which is a date. (e.g. '2011-08-09T21:02:04Z')
    But it's not sorting anything. I have demo data for August the 1st, 3rd and...
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    You need to build your app, so you don't have HTML, JS and CSS at the end. But you get an .apk (on Android). Of cause this apk contains the HTML, JS and CSS but this is nothing you can use as a...
  12. Any experience with PhoneGap on this?

    Less file amount and size is a plus when there is a limited bandwidth, but with PhoneGap you have no limitations like this or am I missing something?
  13. Sencha Touch works fine for me on Android 2.2 (HTC Desire) so it's not an issue of the OS. Maybe something with your css is wrong or it couldn't be loaded!?
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    Got the same issue here, using Sencha Touch v1.1.0
    Strange behaviour: In one form it works and in another it doesn't work (nearly same code, just another label on a button)
  15. Hi there,

    I'm looking for some best practices according to access REST-APIs from a SenchaTouch/PhoneGap application.
    I don't want to have a proxy for this if it could be avoided. The data from...
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    You can have a look at the kitchen sink example ( under "TouchEvents->Source" how you can handle such events like swipe.
  17. Thank you very much. This "works like a charm" :)
  18. Unfortunately not :(

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'call' of undefined
  19. I have a list which displays a filtered store (only elements with "status==0"), which works fine.
    Sometimes I change an item in the store, so I set "status=1".

    The item get changed but the list...
  20. Thanks for the fast reply, I was in the wrong language as Sencha Touch doesn't support binding... Sorry :)

    Currently I'm getting the tab with following code:

    var tab =...
  21. In my viewport I have a card layout with different panels.
    These panels have an icon.
    One panel should have a badge (with a dynamic number).
    This number should be changed, when the panel is...
  22. I seem to be confused, just forgot the '' around the id ;)
  23. Is there a way to set the internalId of a localStorageProxy to an attribute of the model like the id?

    I tried the following but there occurs an error:

    myStore = new{
  24. Im facing similar questions:
    How do you want to authenticate a user?
    with username and password or with an API-key?
    Should I send it as a "normal" parameter or in the header?
  25. it just works :)
    Thank you very much for sharing your solution
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