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  1. I was not able to make the masks show with an animation/fade without customizing the framework's source code.
    Here's how I managed to do it:

    Ext.define('overrides.Mask', {
  2. A quick fix is to copy the CSS properties of "x-list-pullrefresh" from sencha-touch.css
    The loading spinner is also missing from these theme.
  3. If you are still interested, send me a private message. I will post the link publicly only if a forum moderator says it's cool to do so.

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    And which release is that? You posted in October 2012. This is March 2013, using Sencha Touch 2.1.1 and the function still does not get called.
  5. Thanks "estesbubba" for your code. Here's my slightly improved version:

    Ext.define('My.view.DisplayField', {
    extend: 'Ext.field.Field', xtype: 'displayField',
    config: {component: {xtype:...
  6. No updates in almost three years now.
    My company developed a high-quality commercial webmail product using ExtJS. I don't want to use this forum to advertise, I am writing this message because this...
  7. Panels can flex, so I think it is a good solution:

    layout: 'hbox',
    border: false,
    defaults: {flex: 1, layout: 'form', border: false},
    items: [{
    items: [{
  8. My small changes:

    - added event "autoSize": so I can automatically resize my form to fit the bigger/smaller field
    - added event "addItemBox": so I can easily attach a tooltip to an item when its...
  9. I've modified the original code, so that items get automatically turned into StoreMenus if they have the "menuId" attribute set:

    Ext.namespace(''); =...
  10. Nobody?
  11. Hi,

    I have a grid panel that loads various records from a URL, depending on one of the HTTP request parameters:

    grid.panel.getStore().load({params: {id: someID}})

    I'm trying to figure out...
  12. Using ExtJS 2.2.1 with IE 7 in strict mode, this worked for me for fixing the combobox looks:

    .ext-ie7 .x-form-field-wrap .x-form-text { margin:0xp;}
    .ext-ie7 .x-form-trigger {top:1px;}

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    I'm experiencing an interface glitch that seems like an ExtJS bug.
    Attached to this message there's a screenshot for you to see how "" looks in my...
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    In my case the toolbar items are closer than they should be, on IE 7. This happened after I upgraded to ExtJS 2.2.1.
  15. I also have a tree that loads data on "selectionchange". I would like the "selectionchange" to be fired when the user releases the mouse button (the "mouseup" DOM event). This way, the user can move...
  16. It seems that my problem was related to the fact that my Ext Windows had IFRAMEs inside. Apparently Prototype has a problem with the page "unload" event. I've fixed it by replacing...
  17. I had two problems with IE browser, Ext. 2.2 and Prototype
    The first displayed an error if the user moved the mouse cursor while the page was loading, and fixed it by replacing the...
  18. I have a similar problem, using Ext 2.2, but it seems to happen only with IE browser (v7.0.6, Windows Vista). The error message is "Object required" and it happens every time a Ext.Window is closed...
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    Until a new (fixed) "ext-all.js" file is released, I've solved the problem by replacing the "Ext.onReady" function with the good old "onload" HTML attribute of the "BODY" tag. This is a very quick...
  20. I have a login form with to two buttons, a "login" and a "signup" button. Sometimes I need the "signup" function to be disabled and the button hidden. I'm doing that by setting the "hidden" property...
  21. There isn't any easy option for doing that. This functionality needs to be added, so I subscribe to the list of Ext users who would like this feature :D
  22. I guess this topic should be moved to "Feature requests" ;)
  23. It was a really useful feature. Perhaps it was accidentally forgotten?
  24. Hello!

    I'm using "Ext.LayoutDialog" to create some inline popups. I'm adding an IFRAME inside the dialog with "dialog.getLayout().add("center", new Ext.ContentPanel(content));".
    The page that...
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    There shouldn't be a "check()" method for TreeNode object? I'm currently doing this:

    node.attributes.checked = true;
    node.ui.checkbox.checked = true;

    But as you can image it does fire the...
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