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  1. Only for Sencha Architect: put the code into the "launch" of the Application. Easy!
  2. I use the Sencha Architect and I do not understand how to manage it in the Architect...
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    I'll do in the ticket.
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    Win OS 7 - 64 bit.

    Sencha Architect 3.1 is very slow for the cursor shifts, it does not point the correct text region when you selectto an event and the Find does not locate the text. It's...
  5. I think the problem is related to the effect that the Panel has for the scrolling action. When you go down or up there is a sort of bumping effect. I think this effect could be the cause of these...
  6. I have a ST2 application which loads long text in a Panel. This app could be called via a native PhoneGap wrapper or inside Safari (in iOS). While in Safari there aren't performace issues for the...
  7. Yes, I checked it. It is set to "light". But the strange thing is that the class on the containter DIV is x-light AND x-dark (ok it is x-...something-light). I resolved using "darken" into the tabbar...
  8. I have a TabBar and a ToolBar. I set in the scss the same color for same UI for both, but TabBar always appears lighter than the ToolBar. I didn't set any effect and gradient is 'flat'...

  9. Yes! Simply putting Javascript events on elements...

    Sorry, you are right :)

    Here is the code that solved the problem for me:

    var tabbar = Ext.getCmp('idTabBar');var button =...
  10. Can you find it? There isn't any event double tap for!

  11. I have a classic TabPanel with few panels inside. Every panel with its icon. I would like to have a "double tap" event on one of these icons. Is it possible?

  12. mhhh, not so good to answer to myself :)

    The problem was in the "setFlex(0)". For every number different from 0 it works well, but with 0, the NestedList content disappears...

    So instead of 0,...
  13. I'm trying to hide a NestedList Panel inside a Panel with Flex layout, but I don't know why the NestedList does not refresh its data after it has been hidden.

    This is the code in a Button's tap...
  14. Hi all,

    Maybe it's a my mistake, but where is the 2.1.1?

    Thanks a lot
  15. Sencha-touch-all.js is the compressed version and is not so easy to find the Ext.device (the first letter of "device" is lowercase). I also tried to search into sencha-touch-all-debug.js...
  16. Any news about this huge bug? Please update us, we have the production chain stopped :)
  17. Same for me :(

    I cannot find the requires string in app.js, so the workaround doesn't work for me.

    Please solve the problem!

    If someone find another workaround please provide it on this...
  18. Same for me. After 2.1 upgrade when I put the link in Home on iOS it is showed a White Screen.

    Any Idea?
  19. With ST2.1 it doesn't work too. Please anyone answers to that question...
  20. Any news about this problem? I have the same behavior : a nested list and no loading mask. Only in the Sencha Architect, the first time i can see the magic wheel! :)

    Thanks a lot
  21. Are you right, it should seem related to JS only, but it's very strange because in the following way it doesn't work again:

    var func = function() { console.log("unmask"); ...
  22. I use a loading mask to manage the wait time of a PDF preview.

    The problem is that the "a" function is not always executed and the loading mask set to false. I guess it is related to the loaded...
  23. Ok, I send you ASAP the package with Dropbox.

    Thanks a lot
  24. It is too big...54 MB! Is there another way?

    thanks a lot
  25. The panel has the right size (in the DOM too) before I setHtml with the DIV.


    After setHtml, the panel has a taller height.


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