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  1. The publish subscribe using the Observable is not working when we add listener in the different class other than the one which is observable.
    please let me know the approach that needs to be used...
  2. thanks, for the information.

    I tried using Observable in my test application.But I was facing one issue in the publish subscribe.
    I have logged one issue in the forum:...
  3. Hi,

    I am looking for a publish subscribe mechanism in extjs:

    For instance, when I publish my model data in EXTJS model.
    My view update its component state by subscribing the model infomation....
  4. Hi,

    In one of my test application I am using Ext.util.Observable.

    Code of PlanPM:

    Ext.define('PlanPM', {

    mixins: {
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    I would like to know the advantages of Ext.Direct over normal ajax requests.
  6. I got the solution to this problem, I should use JSONStore instead of ArrayStore.
  7. I have an html page with a button and on click of this button ajax call is made I add a grid inside the div.

    The problem I am facing is placing the data of the JSONArray in the extjs grid.

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    How many request per session at a given time is supported in extjs. Does framework support grouping/bunching of same type of commands to avoid multiple request to server
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    This time out configuration done in web.xml or is there exists an extjs specific configuration that we do on server.
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    I have few doubts related to ajax and request per session supported in extjs:

    Does ExtJs support Ajax push?
    How many requests per session at a given time is supported. Can we increase the...
  11. Hi,

    Is there a browser cache support available in EXTJS. I need to find how the browser synchronize with the server for the latest data.

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