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  1. Hi Team,

    Currently I copied admin dashboard all code and use that by edit and add code there. But I have to create my application looks same as admin-dashboard template. How can I do this?
  2. Hi Team,

    I have a requirements, If I type live URL on browser for application and if native app for that application is already installed on mobile device so instead of run app on browser, that...
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am asking how can I design layout same as given screenshot.
  4. I am asking how can I do it? I only tried to apply some extra css to Number field for this but no success.
  5. Hi ,

    I have to design numeric stepper control same as attached screenshot in Ext JS 5.1. Please guide me how can I do this with better way ?
  6. Checked on Desktop with Chrome latest version. One more thing is that I run this on IE and working fine. So I think this is problem with latest version of Chrome.
  7. Go to Kitchen sink and then click on user Interface. Then select any item inside User interface , nothing happens. Some times items has been clicked but app has been freezed while in 2.4.1 its...
  8. Hi,

    I have a div and I have to set some HTML content based on this div height.
    Eample: I have a toolbar and based on different - different devices I have to set font size of title of this...
  9. I want to compile my Ext JS application with Adobe air but it's not working, a lot of errors of undefined comes on Console.

    When I compile simple HTML page then it's working fine.

    I am using...
  10. Investigated myself and fixed it.
  11. I debug my code and found that onMenuCreate function (file Ext.grid.filters.Filters) does not run when we load state. Ext.state.Manager.getProvider().initState(appState); // appState is variable...
  12. I did debug at my end and fixed this Issue. It was the issue of grid rendering.Thanks for your reply.
  13. I have checked this at my end. I am applying remote sort on grid and extra sort type is also applying based in primary Id that's why it's showing result like this.Thanks for you reply.
  14. Hi,

    I created a grid with filter functionality. Added gridfilters plugin for filter.
    I saved state of grid in Table in database. But When I again apply saved state on grid, Filter has been...
  15. Hi,

    I applied sort on grid column based on Case (lower or upper). And used below code to make same case for all records.

    In store.sort I have used

    transform = function (val) { return typeof...
  16. Hi,

    I created a grid but I am not sure why horizontal scroll not going to right corner when I resize screen. screenshot attached.

    can someone please suggest me what may be issue here.

  17. Replies
    /*Override to add scroll in tag field*/
    .x-tagfield {
    .x-tagfield-list {
    height: 70px !important;
    /*width:58em !important;*/
    overflow-y: scroll !important;
  18. Thanks !!.I did successfully with this code:

    listeners: {
    hide: function() {
    var childItems = this.items.items;
    for (var i = 0, len = childItems.length; i < len; i++) {
  19. Hi ,

    When I unchecked all childs of grouper header then parent is auto unchecked.
    But When I unchecked parent header, all childs are still checked While Childs should be unchecked automatically....
  20. I have defined height and width of field due to limited space on screen that's why I want to add a scroll instead of grow.
  21. I am getting this error since I have used tagfield in project. Can you please tell me how can I resolve it?

    Uncaught TypeError:Cannot read property 'tagName' of null
  22. Replies

    I have to add scroll in a tag field so that If there are many values then I can scroll to see all.
    But I am not able to add a scroll here.

    Please help.
  23. Formatted Code attached in Txt file. Please look here.
  24. Hi,

    I have to refresh template used in panel like below.

    What I tried: panel.doLayout() -- not worked (item not refreshed)

    Code is something like this---
  25. I have an app and it has a carousel in it and in this carousel I have used images as well as html pages like

    Carousel Items :

    1. Image1.png
    2. Image2.png
    3. Image3.png
    4. Html1.html
    5. ...
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