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  1. Is it sencha touch bug or sencha cmd bug ?
    How can i make around it ?
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    There is no tx.executeSql interface in Sqlite Phonegap Plugin, it only support transactionDB API.
    So in your setTable function, esspecially createTable, checkDataExists and checkExistingSchema, I...
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    I have asked sencha team in here :

  4. Note that, in Sencha 2.0.0 and Sencha SDK Tool Beta, we can work around, which you can see in here:

  5. Thanks, sencha team. =D>
  6. First build using sencha app build package -> check the output, it display unicode character OK.
    Second, i use those output with phonegap (ios and android) -> check the output, it display unicode...
  7. :DSorry man,
    chcp 65001
  8. Work around in Windows 7: before type "sencha app build package" in cmd, type "65001"

    It will change local of cmd to unicode, which used by YUI js/css compressor.

    I think sencha.jar should set...
  9. See attached file.

    I run "sencha app build testing" with below app.js, which requires and use Ext.Anim.
    Error occur:
    [ERROR] Failed to find file for Ext.Anim
    required by...

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.0-rc
    Semcha CMD 3 v.190
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79 m
  11. Thank you haduki.

    I tried but the models' proxy init process is still run before the app onready event which should be run first as usual in development enviroment.

    I also tried to modify the...
  12. app's onReady is lauched but the execution order is diffirent between development and build enviroment.

    In development enviroment, execution order which is OK
    1. app's onReady
    2. model's proxy...
  13. Question about app startup order: developement and package/tesing build.

    I am implementing custom sqlite proxy and define in Model definition. I also add code at app onReady to init stuff.
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    Thank shepsii for you work.

    I am building Phonegap2.1 + lastest Sqlite Proxy + lastest Sqlite Plugin for Android with Sencha 2.1 Beta 3 (RC1 now) and Sencha CMD 3 v190. However the models still...
  15. How can I catch the navigation key (up/down/right/left) of keyboard in sencha touch 2 ?
    I 've try Ext.getbody().on('keyup', this.onKeyUp, this), but nothing worked.
    Please help me.

    Thanks in...
  16. I use this simple code below, but the badgetext is always float to the right of the screen, it not sticked with is tabs.

    Please correct if i'm wrong.

    Ext.create('Ext.TabPanel', {
  17. Thanks very much.
  18. I have an list which is nested insde a Panel. And i want to dynamically load store to list but it not worked, the list loaded the store but is not displayed. Please help me:

    My panel which the...
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    Hi there,

    sqliteproxy work well with Chrom but when I make deploy sqliteproxy to android machine with phonegap, it faield. There is a javascript TypeError exception in every...
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