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    I know it doesn't work on Android.
    Why does Sencha Animator say it works for Android?:-?
    It works on chrome.
    But, Android's web browser is not chrome.
  2. Hi arnebech

    I'm sorry.
    I put the animation on the social game platform.
    The social game platform avoid the animation. :s
    It is not Sencha Animator problem.
  3. Hi arnebech

    I found how to attach only one Listener.

    I delete classified information and will send you PM later.
  4. Hi arnebech

    >So if I understand you correctly, when you got back in Safari the animation won't load, because the 'load' event is never fired?

    Safari never fire load event when I back to...
  5. Hi arnebech

    It is the problem of iPhone safari.

    In the situation from A page to B page.
    A is the page developed by Sencha Animator.

    I attached click event to AN-sObj-42 button.
  6. iPhone can't DO onload when back page via safari.
    So, I can't click.:((

    But, I found how to add listener again though back prev page.

    function addListenerTo(element, event,...
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    Yes. I want the feature.
    It is troublesome to move all points
  8. Hi there.

    I created animation by Sencha Animator.
    But, when the iPhone didn't have a cache, the animation plays without loading image files.
    Would you tell me the way to play animation after...
  9. Hi arnebech

    I'm sorry. only Sencha Animator did work fine.
    but, we use SNS platform it avoided touch.
    It is not Sencha Animator's bug.:)
  10. Hi there.

    I created the button which created by Sencha Animator.

    It is the snippet.

    clickEvents: [{id: "hoge", handler:function(controller) {
  11. Hi arnebech

    I'm sorry for making you wait.
    I found what is a cause.

    The criminal was "<!DOCTYPE html>"!
    I attached the file.
    It is fine, but if you remove comment out "<!DOCTYPE html>" on...
  12. Hi there:)

    I want to use mask.
    but, I can't use inside of Scene's li tag.

    It is snippet.

    #MaskMove {
  13. The CSS3 which exported by Sencha Animator have always have "delay".

    However, it is not good, because it always ignore time.
    If we write "delay: 0.5s" but it delays 0.2 or 0.8 or 0.9 or ... and...
  14. I added the code and avoid users' touch event

    document.ontouchmove = function () { event.preventDefault(); }

    It can continue CSS animation when the user touch screen.
    However, It also...
  15. webkitAnimationStart is not unreliable.

    because, during animation users touch screen a lot, the animation stops!
    I want to know how to protect user touch screen and stopping animation.:((
  16. I see.
    But, checking by naked eye is difficult.
    I want to know checking count system.:))
  17. Hi there.

    I always remove and add CSS animation.
    So, I don't know what the time of animationCount is best.

    Would you tell me how to get the count of all CSS animation count of one scene? (:|
  18. I resolved it

    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.ontouchmove = function () { event.preventDefault(); }
  19. Hi there.

    I have found bug.
    It is about the animation which created by Sencha Animator.
    When I touch the screen when the animation is playing.
    How to resolve the bug?:((

  20. Hi there

    Sencha Animarot always set same ID, in spite of same animation was attached.

    So, I want create "Class" animation feature.;)
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    I know it is unique and increment
    But, I want the resort feature. =P~
    Or, if I have a time I'll create resort tool:))
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    I just could overwrite new CSS.

    var element = document.getElementById("AN-sObj-52768");
    debug.console("BEFORE" + element.cssText);

    document.styleSheets[1].insertRule('.restart #AN-sObj-52768...
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    Sencha Animator always export ugly ID of JS below.

    scenes: [{id: 0, animationCount: 26, duration: 2305, dimensions: {height: 320, width: 320, expanded: false, fit: false}
    // do something
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    I tried these ways later. but I couldn't :(

    I put them after the code before

    var element = document.getElementById("AN-sObj-52768");
    element.className = 'restart';
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    Hi there

    Sencha Animator always create ".restart" code for avoiding flicking.
    But, I want to change ".restart" CSS's transform dynamically.

    Could you tell me how to create dynamically ...
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