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  1. There is no problem, but i want minimum number of files uploaded to the server. thats why. but eventually i fgured out which all files are only required.

    thanks all for your help.
  2. Hi

    there are some image files. the close button did not appear because of the path problem. thats why.
  3. Hi

    i tried to put the ext-all.css out of resources dir and that caused the whole problem. now it is working after copying the whole of resources dir to my folder. only thing what i am thinking is...
  4. Hi

    my sample is working now. i found it is due to the ext-all.css placed in worng dir.

    now i would like to know how to change

    <div id="tip2" class="tip-target">autoHide disabled</div>
  5. No i do not get any 404. only thing is the x button not appearing.
  6. 22101

    Hope this is clear..
  7. 22097

    Hi Condor,

    Hope you can view the above picture. I think I am missing some styles. I don't get the same color or the 'x' button for close. After I added your code, I can see that the...
  8. Hi,

    I am using ext-js xml-grid and qtip. xml-grid has come well as per my requirement. I am trying to use the quicktips from ext-js examples. for some reason the style sheet or image is not...
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