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  1.'s been a while and I haven't had a lot of time to help you out here.

    To help those still looking for a more of a is some IMPERFECT but demonstrative code to get you on your...
  2. no, completely different. Like I said...odd! I suspect that the underlying store is getting bollocksed in some fashion. I don't know why.
  3. I just added the red bits for now hope it doesn't break stuff seems to work fine now...not sure its solved

    setXY : function(el, xy) {
    if(xy !== undefined){...
  4. I hooked the source files up to be able to track this down

    the exception occurs is in ext-base.js

    line 161 says xy[0] is undefined, in fact xy is undefined.

    setXY : function(el,...
  5. I have a weird situation that I have searched around here for a solution and had no luck with.

    using ext 2.0.1

    I have a grid in a tabpanel that has toolbar with a button that launches a modal...
  6. Now that is cool...found the next thing I wanted straight away...Big Thanks your way
  7. thanks
  8. Hey thanks for that. It really helps.

    Is it best to use google to search this site? I have always used the forum search...which is probably why I can never find anything.

    I know you probably...
  9. This message is thrown occasionally while running my app.

    I tried to search these forums for an answer but the search engine kept rejecting my criteria. So sorry if the answer has already been...
  10. Love your avatar alanl - good example
  11. Oh there are some architecture articles around the site have a look at those too
  12. Excuse English & grammar...I'm pretty busy at the moment so I won't proof read, I'll just write.

    I my view. One of the central concepts with Ajax development and especially with Ext is that you...
  13. I posted a bunch of code on making a CRUD form here

    It may help you
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    And this is the confusing thing...I've looked. I can't see how to do it although people keep saying its base behaviour.

    To be perfectly clear I want 2 rows of tabs like you see on dialog boxes...
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    What does only available with tabs on top mean?

    enableTabScroll : Boolean True to enable scrolling to tabs that may be invisible...
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    To Help, an example of the code that DOES NOT give my 2 rows of tabs when the page displayed with a smaller with than the tabpanel.

    ObjectListsPanel = function(config){
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    yes wrapping do I make it happen?

    what magic do I invoke?
    what might I have done to prevent tabs from wrapping?
  18. I call myself a C# programmer. I was introduced to all the fuss around AJAX around 6 months ago and found Jack's library pretty soon after that. I really like it BUT...

    There is a lot of code and...
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    Tried it, owned it....BooYah!
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    I have a FormPanel that appears in a Modal Window with a reader that I invoke after it is rendered. The reader loads the record that the user will edit in the form.

    , listeners :{
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    I have done a search and I can't find anything on how to make a TabStrip use multiple rows.

    I have about 12 lists associated with my main record. each of with are displayed in their own tabpanel....
  22. I have noticed a similar behaviour. rendered doesn't seem to mean rendered often the on dolayout event is where everything is finally rendered. also on dolayout often fires as many as 3-4 times which...
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    I also have a requirement for multiple rows of tabs in my application...could you point me to the Ext 2.0 example that shows how to do it?
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    yeah, for example this one I posted today that no-one answered
  25. Hi there...I have these 2 functions that show and hide labels. I need these because when I call field.hide() on a ext form field like TextField it doesn't hide the label. I have read that this is by...
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