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  1. Well! I actually got it working now with version 3.11.2! It renders the documentation nicely without problems :D

    I used the following command to install jsduck 3.11.2 (Max OSX):

    sudo gem...
  2. Hello,

    Thanks for your answer! I am using the latest version at the moment (JSDuck 4.3.2). I will give version 3.5 a try, it would be nice if it worked in the newer versions too though :)
  3. I've send him a private message, I hope he can help me with this. If I got the answer, I will post it here.

    Thanks for your help!
  4. I've heard that sombody from the Sencha Support Team got it working with JAVA, PHP and Ruby. So I guess it is possible to render a JSDuck documentation from a PHP class.

    PHPDoc is not really an...
  5. Hello,

    I've tried JSDuck and it's a great documenting tool! But only for Javascript. I have a Ext App, with a big PHP back-end. Because multiple developers will get involved, I need to create...
  6. Thanks dawesi! Maybe it's a good thing to update those things in the docs? So I would know that I could render it to an element ID etc.

    Well, it's working now, thanks guys :)
  7. Can you do something like this then?

    var div = document.createElement('div');

    Ext.create('Ext.Button', {
    text: 'Button',
    renderTo: div
  8. Replies

    I need to render several checkboxes into a GridPanel. I will show you a screenshot of what I need to achieve:


    Is this even possible in Ext JS 4.1? I know about the Checkbox...
  9. Hello,

    How do I render an Ext Component (buttons etc.) into a normal HTML element? I've got an Ext.Container with a normal html table in it. I want to render an Ext.Button into the table. In Ext...
  10. Fixed it! I just needed to pass the arguments to the callParent method:

    Ext.override(,{ control: function() {
    if ( ! this.blockControl ) {
  11. Hello,

    I want to override the control method of the class. Inside the override I want to call the this.callParent(), but this doesn't seem to work. When I execute my code again...
  12. I could do that, but it's a very big application. So to set those flags every time is not really efficient. Maybe I could override the and check there if control settings already...
  13. I'm using Ext JS 4.1.1 and the G.Path object is a Javascript library to dispatch the hash in the URL. It works very nice with Ext JS.

    Hmm, I think that the problem is that I setup the listeners in...
  14. FIX

    control: function() {
    if ( ! this.blockControl ) {
    this.blockControl = true;
  15. Hello guys,

    I found a bug when using getController() to get a controller instance and setting event's in the control() method of a controller. When a controller is called for the first time...
  16. Hello guys,

    I'm having this problem for a while now, but can't find any solution to this. I hope somebody can help me out.

    So, I have a gridpanel that is connected to a Store. When you click on...
  17. Already used singleitemtap. This event is slower and it did not work properly when I used a navigation view with 3 levels deep.
  18. I got the same problem, painted event is never called or fired! I need to have some code running every time the Ext.List comes visible on the screen. Initialize etc. are not the solution, they only...
  19. Hello guys :)

    I currently had this problem that when I tapped quickly two times on a list item, the itemtap was fired two times too! This was very annoying, but I've found a nice solid way to...
  20. Hello,

    Does somebody got a nice tutorial or idea to make a one-page login system. I need to store the results (user data) somewhere too (in a store maybe?). If so, how can I easily access the user...
  21. This is what I see in the HTTP headers:

    Betreft aanrijding kruispunt
  22. Hello,

    I have a problem with destroying multiple records in a store. It will delete them from the store though, but in the headers of the API call to the server it sends this (output from...
  23. Also this is fixed now. The property styleHtmlContent​ caused the problem.
  24. I just fixed the button problem. It is inside the CSS file: 'ext-all-scoped.css'. I don't know why this is bugging, but when I switch to 'ext-all.css', everything is fine.

    BUT. I got another...
  25. The following code seems to look fine (I think it is though):

    items: [
    xtype: 'toolbar',
    height: 50,
    margin: '0 0 4px 0',
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