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  1. Great info, which I have search for a year long.
    1. Would you mind also post the content of "db.php"
    2. Would you mind to provide examples file in Sencha Architect 2

    Thanks for your works
  2. Dear all,

    I have create a form with field set, and one of the data field is "Amount" which is designed as a numberfield , I wish to tap the amount filed and appear the iphone like numeric pad as...
  3. I also have the same queries on add current date and time , please explain in details,


    In my case, I need to add date and time into my Model, so I got below problem

    Q1. I am not sure...
  4. Q1: #355 at Stores

    Ext.util.Sorter property field have

    how about ?
  5. Ext.define('Product', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: [
    {name: 'id', type: 'int'},
    {name: 'name', type: 'string'},
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