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  1. It works but it's still not part of the documentation.
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    What what the problem then? I'm having the same issue...
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    I'm using Ext Designer for my most complicated forms but I'm facing two big issues:

    - 3rd party components often have special properties. How I am supposed to set them in the editor?...
  4. Is there a way? This post comes first on Google, so if there is a solution, it would be good to have it here :)
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    That's true. Weird, I remember 'float' wasn't available somewhere in ExtJS... so maybe that's with the charts? I'm confused.
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    I remember I didn't have issues with decimals for very simple cases, but for more advanced ones, it was getting ugly. I guess that's why there aren't any "float" or "decimal" type in ExtJS, but only...
  7. I didn't actually new that the MVC framework was THAT dynamic ;) It's cool.

    The only thing that I don't really like, is the fact to declare the views in the controllers (except the main one), but...
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    By converting my decimal numbers to integers on the server side (depending on one argument). The rounding issues are apparently too much of a problem with JS, so better handle it somewhere else... I...
  9. Sorry, my post is probably not clear enough :(

    Well, that also, even though it's not really said in my posts before (as my issue isn't here). My application has a main controller (I call it the...
  10. If I understood well, I should have this:

    --- VIEW 1
    --- VIEW 2
    --- VIEW x
    --- COMPANY VIEW 1
    --- COMPANY VIEW 2
  11. Basically, what you both said is that, if I set for example "views: [ User ]" in a controller then later on (somewhere in that controller) I instantiate a new "User" view, all the refs / this.control...
  12. Hello,

    For a very simple MVC application, the framework is really easy and straightforward, but in slightly more complicated scenarios, I feel like the framework is not quite ready yet. There are...
  13. Mmm... an alternative question would be to ask: when are we going to have a Sencha Tools SDK which actually work with Windows (it seems many people have many issues, of different types)? And maybe...
  14. Hello,

    I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2 64.

    C:\eApplications\app>sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d ./ -v

    Loading the eMaster Project
    Loaded 0 Packages
    Loaded 1 Builds
  15. True!

    This is easy to add as it's the current behavior of LocaleLoader of the custom classes. However you don't think that it's going to be a hell of a bunch of files to translate? There will...
  16. Thanks a lot, great it works. Well, if you want to use only one file, this LocaleLoader loses a bit of its interest, but YES, it's possible, I can add a config option for that. Just tell me here when...
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    Thanks for the clarification, I didn't really understand Ext.Ajax as a proxy (as its parent is, but more as an asynchronous connection sending data and retrieving data (json,...
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    I need indeed to load data from a different server. I know well how JSONP operates and I naturally thought that it would work with the Ext.Ajax.request (the aim is to perform an asynchronous request...
  19. I successfully implemented my idea (with the current ExtJS locale files - but corrected, I had to remove the "Ext.onReady"). It works well, the only issue is that it executes the localization code...
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    When I look at the examples and the document, it seems that the jsonp proxy only works with the store. Unfortunately, I really need to use an Ext.Ajax.request, and I thought that,...
  21. Thanks a lot! That was easy :)
  22. It's easy to do, but I don't think we should, mainly for two reasons:

    we'd have to make available all the files in locale/xx, for every classes
    there is a neat ExtJS locale file already, we...
  23. Run an asynchronous request synchronously? :) How?
  24. The right way would be to use the ExtJS locale files for that, for sure. The "LocaleLoader" doesn't take in charge the ExtJS locale files yet but it should... so it will :)

    It's a bit tricky...
  25. Hello,

    I created a preprocessor (registered via Ext.Class.registerPreprocessor), and for certain kind of classes it will create an ajax request. Depending on the result of this ajax request, the...
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