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    I updated the .zip file in the original post with fixes from takayser. Also, in case you don't like to or...
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    Great news, thanks. We changed our design plans and didn't need a web desktop type of environment anymore. We'll probably come back to the original plan at some point though.
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    Thanks! I wrote this against GXT 2.1.3 and haven't tested the code since that version. What version are you running? Can you confirm it works against 2.2 or 2.2.1?
  4. You might get a faster response posting in the EXT sections. This is for GXT.
  5. This problem is most likely due to two relatively close calls to the paging toolbar's load listener defined in the bind() method. A double-load on the grid confuses the enablement state of the...
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    I think that should do the trick, but you have to make sure its called _after_ the labels are created (manually or automatically) or you'll get an...
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    Another option if you can't get it working with steps of 1 is to render the X axis labels diagonally. It should help unclutter the labels. There's a setting for that.
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    Your best bet is to examine the GWT compilation reports (-compileReport argument to the GWT compiler) and see where you can split code out to reduce the download footprint for certain parts of your...
  9. Its a lot of code that no one is going to just write for you. If you want hints look at the source for the TabPanel class or my custom desktop taskbar code...
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    We use gwteventservice (, it works really well. Never used Grizzly before, but something that's specifically based on GWT RPC might be easier to use.
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    The same road meaning continue using OFC2 as in GXT 2, or switch to JFreeChart?
  12. That's cool, as long as I know what to tell our users to expect. A nice feature would let us configure case-sensitivity when creating a StringFilter but I don't see it being that critical.
  13. I just synched up and looked at the code (haven't tried running against the new version yet). It looks like it should fix the problem. One quick question, though - is the intention to provide...
  14. Hi Sven, thanks for looking into this.

    What's the change going to be? I sort of assumed the BaseStringFilterConfig is the same for remote/local grids and both would have the same problems.
  15. Hi,

    I just noticed there's a bug in the isFiltered() method in BaseStringFilterConfig. isFiltered() is always returning true in a particular case where I'm setting up a filter to include all...
  16. Please do.. :)
  17. Ah, nevermind its not an error.. I had old ChartModel code still in my jar file with Doubles instead of doubles.
  18. I find it hard to believe I'm the only one with this problem, but I'm getting the following error message when GWT-compiling and/or running our app using 2.2.0 (the jar downloaded from the Sencha...
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    +1 for access via central!
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    I tried every which way to get this to work, but I don't think it can without some additional code. The ChartModel serialized to OFC via GXT doesn't generate the needed JSON object.

    The OFC...
  21. Yeah, that's probably the best way to tackle it. Either you return the actual object from the map directly or you have to protect all your map accessors with checks against null - for the api...
  22. That'll fix it. I just basically wrote the same code. :)
  23. One more for this thread - I tried using get/setRotationAngle() instead from the Label class, but that results in an NPE due to casting a null Integer object to a native int:

    public int...
  24. As a brief followup, getRotation() fails every time its called, not just when there's a null 'rotate' property. The value set to 'rotate' is not the Enum class property, its the text value so...
  25. Hi,

    There's a bug in getRotation() in com.extjs.gxt.charts.client.model.axis.XAxis, specifically the line:

    return Rotation.valueOf((String) get("rotate"));
    The bug is that if 'rotate' is...
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