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    Obviously you did a lot of research to get as far as you did.

    I have a working version that you can look at, at

    Basically in the js of the logon demo...
  2. My problem/question is solved. Thanks.

    Final piece of puzzle is at
  3. I replied earlier when I was almost there. Thanks to help from the forum, I was able to get to where I wanted.

    My solution starts at

    The final piece of...
  4. Here (in HTML/php, not EXTjs) is what my page dynamic3.php (along with dynamic3.js) is doing functionally:

    <form action="<?php echo basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); ?>"
  5. Thank you, that got me most of the way to my goal. One step left.

    I posted my progress at

    I just need a bit more help in the dynamic4.js code.
  6. I have the exact question/problem. I am most of the way to the answer. I can get the form to go directly to itself rather than through authentication. At that point, I could then just do a redirect...
  7. I have found examples of forms. I looked at the very good login tutorial that does not use standardSubmit. I have been unable to find a working example of submitting a form to my own php page...
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