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  1. Im making a solution with Bancha, ExtJS and cakePHP here:

    Hope some of you would like to contribute :)
  2. Doesnt seem to make a difference. The call still goes out.
  3. Yes, I am using 4.0.7. Thanks for the reply.

    Using autload:false doesn't solve it. Actually the data is an array of objects, and loads up in the store even without a reader configured within the...
  4. No one knows ?
  5. Following is the code I have for a store Im using. Problem is that when this store is added to a grid, it fires off an AJAX request to "/undefined" and stops execution. I already have the data I...
  6. ok, i tried calling resolveControl.doQuery(" ",false); and Im seeing a problem : In doResize function, this.list is undefined
  7. Im using an extension of the combobox (superboxselect), and am trying to call onTriggerClick when the control gets focused. Requirement is to do an all query when the control gets focused.. Problem...
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