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  1. We are using Google Charts. We are using Sencha touch 2.4.1 and testing on devices having ios version 9.3.2
  2. We have a hybrid app built using Sencha Touch 2.4. It is a single page app. We have a index.jsp entry page where we are loading all the js files including the app-all.js. This app runs perfectly fine...
  3. The issue is you had functionality that worked in IOS 7 that no longer works in IOS 8, so, unfortunately is IS a Sencha issue. This become a backward compatibility issue for the platform. What is...
  4. Mitchell, it has ben almost 3 months is IOS 8 now supported by Sencha? This has remains unsolved.

  5. Hi,

    We have made a single page Sencha touch app using Sencha touch 2.4.1 beta with Sencha cmd 5.0.2 . We have a main panel.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.CPC.Scorecard.MainPanel', {
  6. Hi,

    We have made a single page Sencha touch app using Sencha touch 2.4.1 beta with Sencha cmd 5.0.2 . On entering the credentials we hit an api and get response. On successful login we have to...
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    Thanks! Much appreciated.
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    I can't see any 2.4.1 downloads…The last nightly download was 2.4.0 back in August. Can you clarify where I can find 2.4.1 builds?
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    Is 2.4.1 beta available to premium customers/ support customers?
  10. Currently we have a single page Sencha touch app using Sench Touch 2.3. Recently we upgraded to Sencha 2.4. The entry point is a jsp page. This app was running perfectly before we upgraded our...
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    We have developed an app that really does not have iphone/android use cases. Our corporate clients will be using it on desktop and tablet.

    Can we still submit our app?

  12. Hi,

    I am looking into using only stacked bar charts for my application, and I couldn't find a way to have a config option for only stacked implementation, without toggling between that and...
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    Did anyone find anything on this? I am also looking for a default configured stacked chart with no toggle.
  14. Hi all,

    I was wondering, since there is a way to change the size of the dot in the scatter chart, would there be an easy way to bind a store to the size of the dot, effectively creating a...
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