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  1. I encountered the same problem, if file contain non-ascii character (eg. in string).
    Another method around this problem, don't use YUICompressor with -c, like this:

    sencha build -c -p app.jsb3 -d...
  2. My purpose is help others to find the solution.

    I found some other discussion and I use this method to solve, similar to...
  3. Explains how to set Ext.dataview.List or Ext.dataview.DataView's height for dynamic.

    Usually we need to show a List in the container's center for all space. But the problems:
    1) if we don't set...
  4. Below is your example code, but I modify a little.
    Now it's ok, don't set fix height and it's dynamic height !

    1)List's all outer(parent) container must be : layout : 'fit'
    so the list can fill...
  5. I test addrecords event in the store , but it's also the same problem.
  6. I create a DataView for message list.
    And add a new message, then for scroll to end to see this new message :

    DataView .getStore().add({...});
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