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  1. You know how to make me happy :)
  2. I have paid for support, back in March. Although I think I'm going about getting it in the wrong way (my fault). I'll private message you the order number and some more details in an aim to get...
  3. They're a take your money and run company now. Not even a proper response from them.
    Very sad :(
  4. Sencha you're becoming a joke!
  5. I'm missing titles too. Looks like it's because they changed the way docks worked. Now only Panels can have docks. Picker extends DataView and not Panel so no dock = no title.

    It's pretty bad...
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    I would like to +1 what he said!
  7. Just started a 2.3 to 3.3 migration. This is the first problem I came across.

    I need it to pass the node as additional sorting is done on it's type as well as it's name.
  8. I don't think it works too well on the iPad (not that I have one to test it on). All the sizes are suited to the iPhone. Sencha Touch is much better suited to iPad stuff.
  9. I tried to use jQTouch and found it very buggy and difficult to use. I've gotten very used to the way Ext works.
    So I decided it was time to take all the ideas that where in jQTouch and convert them...
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    How to kill a brand overnight. Doesn't feel like. Name doesn't really roll right.

    Looking forward to the new technologies, interesting direction.
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    Build your own for 2.3 reports that it can't connect to the DB.
  12. Could I possibly have the ellipse trigger image you used for this please. :D
  13. I had the same issue.


    Ext.dd.DDM.mode = 0;
    on line 185 seemed to fix it.

    Not sure why though? lol
  14. Combo boxes are connected to their stores using the Observer pattern.

    Here the combo box listens to the data store, when the data store has some...
  15. try somthing like

    params: {
    make_id: ewVal
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    Hurry up with the screen shots =D>
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    I don't think there is a way to fire events directly on the dom from ExtJs.
    I've never found the need to either so not 100% sure.

    Why would you need to fire events directly on the dom element?...
  18. Part 3 on Saki's blog may explain a little more.

    MyPortlet = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
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    Take a look at
    There's a focus() method.

    Something like

  20. I know this is my fourth post in a row :"> my bad.

    I think this issue will be fixed by

    As I no longer have a support license and...
  21. Just found it only does this if theres an Ext.form.DateField or a Ext.form.TimeField as one of the editors.
    Maybe something todo with triggerfields?
  22. I think it's a bug. I'm waiting over here for a reply.

    Hopefully it will be sorted soon. /:)
  23. As a quick easy way of seeing the problem and testing it. I'm using the /examples/grid/row-editor.html

    in row-editor.js I've edited line 101 and added

    text: 'Reconfigure',
  24. I'm having the same problem. Leave the removeAll value to false leaves all the dom items in the editor which can be seen after a reconfigure.

    removeAll true destroys them but causes an error on...
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    I'm seeing the same problem. The fix also worked for me.

    Also might I suggest only applying the override if it is IE.

    if(Ext.isIE7) {
    Ext.override(Ext.Element, {
    getHeight :...
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