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  1. Please see this thread:
  2. Hello,

    Since IE11 is not supported in ExtJS version 4.0.7 (see and some of us are not ready to upgrade to version 4.2.x, I took a pass at creating a patch to get Internet...
  3. Thank you, Matthes0815, that was brilliant! Your script solved a whole slur of problems I was seeing with layouts under IE 11.
  4. Thank you for the tip, A. Linders, that works.
  5. This looks like an interesting idea but for ExtJS 4 setValue() function would probably need to be modified as follows:

    setValue: function(value, doSelect) {
    if ({
  6. You may find this useful:

    The QuickTip will be added to the field. So mousing over the field itself...
  7. Hello,
    Was there a solution found for this? I am seeing exactly the same problem in 4.0.7. By the way, I also tried using vtype that explicitly allows for spaces to be entered (vtype: 'alpha') but...
  8. Thanks for the post - resetting the series per your suggestion solved a similar problem, where the chart was not fully resetting the series information after data load. This is in ExtJS 4.0.7

  9. Thanks ernst96 for the post. I was facing a similar issue with the axis showing duplicate values. As you mentioned, it was all because the renderer was rounding off decimal numbers, there by,...
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    It seems that this bug is still there in 4.0.7 and 4.1
  11. On the tree panel specify the 'cls':

    { xtype: 'treepanel', cls: 'my-tree-panel', store: 'MyStore',

    With that, the DIV that contains the tree panel will have the CSS...
  12. Just for the record, calling treepanel.determineScrollbars() fixed the problem for me. Of course, the call needs to be made whenever the contents of the tree/grid are modified, or the panel is...
  13. Thanks for posting the workaround! I do hope that it'd be incorporated into the main product, at least in 4.1.
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    I am curious if you were aver able to resolve the problem. I am seeing a similar issue with the combo-box and would love to know if there is a solution.
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    I was seeing a similar issue until on my store I specified the model in the "requires:[...]". For example:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
  16. Hi ju187,

    I am guessing that you may need to tweak the getClass method to specifically add the "x-hide-display" class to the column. Thus, the icon would be there but not shown.

  17. Thank you very much, mitchellsimoens. This is exactly what I needed. For the record, here is the final code that works:

    xtype: 'treepanel',
  18. Hello,

    Having an action column is a convenient way to work with a particular row in a treepanel. However, I find that it's excessive to have the same icon always displayed for every single row in...
  19. Thank you very much, vietits, that does work!
    I do wish, however, that the next version of ExtJS would have a proper API for it ;)
  20. Hello,
    In a treepanel with several columns, is it possible to determine not only the row but also which column was clicked?

    The API for the treepanel does have an "itemclick" event, which...
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