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  1. I tested several SMTP servers using an email address with consecutive periods and about half of them returned this:

    "RCPT TO address improperly formatted, see RFC 821 sec 3.3"

    so it appears...
  2. There is always a risk when not following the specifications. In the case of emails, most email providers don't perform validation when delivering emails with the thought that the destination mail...
  3. Also note that this thread as viewed on the Sencha's forums do not highlight the email addresses that contain consecutive periods, but RFC compliant ones are highlighted! Just an example of how other...
  4. Per RFC 5322(, consecutive periods are NOT allowed in the local part (the portion before the @). Google 's use of periods within a name is unique to...
  5. The new website has not Ext core page ( The only page that is accessible is the API documentation. There is no link on the Product page either. Is core being...
  6. Google Maps sample on your site needs a new key for The old key only works for
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    The point of the bug is that it is a bug and needs to be resolved. The margins config options works if you prefix it with a space such as:

    margins: ' 10 10 10 10',


    margins: '...
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    Here is a clearer example. This is also visible in Ext Designer. It seems that it ignores the first value in the string version of margins.

    xtype: 'panel',
    layout: {
  9. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2

    Adapter used:
  10. It's all a matter of preference. For instance, Microsoft's Hotmail and Live email services don't allow the whole RFC character set either:

    and Google's GMail is even more restrictive:

    I for one...
  11. Evant is right, and if you would read the whole thread I already provided a regex that provides more functionality, you just need to create a new vtype that uses it:

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    Comparing the isValid and validate function of the Field class it appears that the functionality is nearly identical. It seems that validate() is unnecessary and that the clearInvalid() statement...
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    Code reuse.

    I know in my example I created only one instance but in the real world I would be creating many instances:

    Ext.ux.TestStore = Ext.extend(, {
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    Back to the original post, this appears to be an issue with only the and not the Why does the following code fail to parse the json response properly:

  15. From the conference it was explained that hbox is an easier-to-work-with column layout with advanced features (stretching, etc) and should produce the same result as :

    var viewport = new...
  16. Once I resize the browser window and the panels refresh their layout it appears correct, or if I have the example in a tab and navigate away then back to the tab it appears correct. It appears that...
  17. I am trying to achieve a flex based horizontal layout of fields and hbox is giving me issues. Here is what I am trying to achieve:

    | ...
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    There are some enhancements that I would like to see implemented in the GroupTabPanel sample.

    Overflow for when tabs flow beyond the height of the page
    Ability to show a close icon (X)
  19. Here is a regular expression pulled from a larger, more RFC correct regex that should suffice for nearly all real world email addresses:

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    Over the weekend I started a good base for a canvas based ExtJS chart/graph extension. I will try to model it after some of the features in the ExtJS flash charting engine with some additional...
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    Their main page at looks like it hasn't been updated since 2007. The charts page at has an active community but no active development. We need a solution that is...
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    You (Ext) should consider buying out a little company called Emprise that makes a javascript charting solution. This would allow creating charts without requiring Flash to be installed. It seems that...
  23. As I stated above, I prefer not to specify a width for the window.
  24. The window below displays fine in Firefox 3 and Google Chrome (webkit) but in IE7 the Ext.Window's width is 4 times the width of IE's window and the right edge of the Ext.Window is "snapped" or...
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