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  1. As a one person company, I was wondering on how I could get a complete suite with "Sencha Desktop Packaging" and "Business Data Connectivity"?

    My clients are small businesses or charities who...
  2. Thank you for your explanation
  3. The correct code is

    Ext.getDom('value_username').innerHTML =;Has any one an explaination? Why getDom instead of get? Why innerHTML and not innerText?
  4. Hi,

    I use Direct. On response, I want to change the innerText of div, like

    <div id="value_name">Super User</div>from Super User, to the value I get in response, let say John

  5. Good news. Thanks.
  6. Replies
    I also experience the Invalid argument under IE 6 but when !important is included in the style.

    return {
  7. With json == "", Ext.util.JSON sends an error under IE (at least IE 6).
    With the lines in bold added, it is Ok under IE and FF :

    Ext.util.JSON = new (function(){
    var useHasOwn =...
  8. If you want to emphasize on usMoney, here is an example for Euro :

    Euro = function(v)
    v = Ext.util.Format.usMoney(v);
    if (v=='$0.00')
    return '-';
  9. When clicking on the DatePicker, let say, 12/03/2010, the "value" send through the "filters" is the dateFormat instead of clicked date

    Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters.buildQuery shows :

  10. Adding

    .x-date-inner .x-date-active{

    did the trick
  11. Hi,

    When I click on DatePicker with GridFilters, I get the following JSON posted :

  12. Not really a bug, but it takes sometimes to explain this on the hot line to the users :

    "Today" is more emphasized than the "value" date.

    So, when you have let say value = 11/5/2010 and ToDay =...
  13. As far as I know, MEAP stands for Manning Early Access Program.
    It allows you to have e-drafts months in advance from the official release as soon as new chapters are written.
    Once the official...
  14. Great ! Thank you very much
  15. After some hours of digging, let me be more precise:
    1- "direct" examples are simple enough. What i meant is that they don't use any DirectStore and among the examples coming with Ext 3, DirectStore...
  16. I'd like to have a simple example of DirectStore use, with PHP on the server.

    The examples that comes with Ext 3.0 are to complicated for a first try to understand how DirectStore works.
  17. Replies
    It's correct now.
  18. Replies
    Did not know where to put this.
    But you someone there should correct the download page :

    Look at the image to see how it renders under FF
  19. * a simple app design using 2 different UI's (Ext JS 4.0 and Sencha Touch) using the same data store
    * a mobile aware application with key advantages and disadvantages some people might not see...
  20. Got it.

    You could not say better.
    Before I received your answer, I watched your excellent video on Ext JS Screencast: Abstract Classes
    (and send you some $$$ to help you acquire some material)....
  21. Here is an extension to TreePanel

    right_tree = Ext.extend(Ext.tree.TreePanel, {
    loader: new Ext.tree.TreeLoader({
  22. Now that, thanks to Condor, I'm able to make a copy of a node from a tree to another tree, how can I handle this :
    - copying the first time a node is okay
    - copying it twice, brings in the new tree...
  23. Thanks, Condor. I'searched the forum, but missed the right threads. Found it now : it helped !
  24. Inside a tree, or between two trees, I'd like that a dragged node get copied to the target node, without the source node being deleted.

    Is this possible ?
    Is there a working example from which I...
  25. In your book, Chapter 14 you give an example of Drag and Drop with TreePanels.
    I thought that would show the same as Figure 14.13 of...
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