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  1. I've confirmed this is necessary with Sencha Touch 2 as well. To fix, I changed Connection.js, line 755, from:

    result = me.parseStatus(request.xhr.status);


    if (request.xhr.status ==...
  2. I believe the easiest solution to solve this problem is to subclass GXT's Widgets and implement the interfaces. Has anyone done this? If not, maybe we should start an open source project that does...
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but how would you suggest the above code be written when using GXT's Button class?
  4. I'm interested in this as well. Are there plans to make GXT more MVP-friendly?
  5. Last night, I did a quick spike to try and implement username/password autocomplete in my GXT application. By "autocomplete", I don't mean Ajax-style autocomplete, but rather browser-based...
  6. If you use the gwt-maven plugin to create your project, it works out-of-the-box with IDEA's Maven and GWT support.

  7. I ended up writing my own method with String[] support. I agree that it'd be great if JsonReader supported arrays and objects.

    * Better read() method than JsonReader since this...
  8. I believe that setDraggable(false) should remove the x-window-draggable class. As a workaround, I can override .x-window-draggable to use a different cursor in CSS.
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    I'd be happy to assist with getting GXT into the central repository. I've added the binary, sources and javadoc JARs to our local Nexus repo and it's pretty straightforward. I also have connections...
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    Yes, when I click the link. If I use fireEvent in a View, the controller isn't called (likely because it's a different controller not associated with the view). However, it is called by my EntryPoint...
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    No, I did not know that fireEvent only calls the owning Controller. We were previously using dispatch(AppEvents.EventName), but noticed that our DispatchListeners were being called twice (once after...
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    I'm using GXT's MVC framework and having success so far. I'm also using DispatcherListeners. My EntryPoint implements HistoryListener and my onHistoryChanged() method looks as follows:

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    I believe the current setup makes sense as it allows you to build your view (with LayoutContainers and such) and use your Controller to populate it's data. The data might change, but the view...
  14. Thanks. I tried this and put it in src/test/java/com/extjs/gxt/ui/client/mvc/ I'm using the gwt-maven-plugin[1] and it still seems to find the one that's packaged in the JAR first....
  15. I tried to use GWTMockUtilities to get around the history issue, but that doesn't seem to work either.
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    I'm trying to refactor some tests from using GWTTestCase to JUnit's TestCase. This seems possible with the help of GWTMockUtilities:
  17. The cause of this turned out to be because we had a # in the URL (for GWT's history feature).

    The workaround we used was to load the SWF in the...
  18. I have the following code in my application's EntryPoint and it works as expected.

    Html html = new Html("<embed width=\"964\" height=\"219\" wmode=\"opaque\" name=\"foo\" bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\"...
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    We're using the one from Google Code and it seems to work well. We started our project a couple weeks ago and I trust my team's judgment that it was the better of the two. We used the archetype to...
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    My [md5].cache.html file is 320K (with OBF, 1.9M with DETAILED). My app is only a few screens, so this seems quite large. Is this file generated with only the functions it needs, or does it include...
  21. I'm using GXT's MVC framework in my project and I'd like to write JUnit tests for my controllers. It appears this isn't possible and I have to write tests that extend GWTTestCase.

    Here's a test I...
  22. My GXT application has a <div id="content"></div> that I'm adding panels and views to. Below is my BaseView (extends from GXT's View) that has the page transition logic in its show() method.

  23. Is there any recommended way to do page and/or panel transitions? I'd like to do a fade in/out effect. If I'm using GXT's MVC framework, where would I do this at?


  24. Is it possible to add SVN information to Ohloh so this information can be publicly available?


  25. I realize that forum traffic numbers might be hard to come by. However, I find it hard to believe that no one knows the number of committers. Is Ext JS a one-man show?
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