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    GXT 3.0 is now available in its second RC.
    Do you have any info or an estimate on when the final version of GXT 3.0 will be available ?
    I'm very thrilled about the new graph implementation...
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    When the GXT 3 license becomes availbale, if we want to migrate a commercial application using GXT 2.X to GXT 3.X, is the purchase of a GXT 3.X license mandatory to keep the source code proprietary ?
  3. According to this thread, the release you're talking about is a release candidate
  4. When you reduce the column spacing of a portal to 0, Drag and drop start column is not correctly initialized.
    In the following example if you drag a portlet from the 2nd column to the first, the...
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    So far no luck in finding a workaround.
    i tried a slidein/slideout while making the container not visible(using setVisible) but the behaviour is still the same when i make the container visible...
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    Im using the SlideIn/Slideout used in components like ContentPanel with the code below :

    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.Style.Direction;
  7. Sorry, wrong forum
  8. Ok so after a little digging, my problem seems to be firefox related.
    When using the css property "display:none" to hide or to drag and drop, firefox automatically reload the iframe.
    Is there a way...
  9. it seems that this is a standard behaviour for the portlet.
    i used the method setUrl() as well as adding the iframe inside the body of the portlet. The results are the same.
    Nobody has a hint on...
  10. Hi,

    I'm using gwt frames linked to external pages inside portlets.
    The thing is that each action on the portlet (minimize, maximize, drag and drop etc.) make the frame reload his content which is...
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