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    This question regarding Ext JS 6.1 modern toolkit

    How do I bind value to radiofield? I have tried several ways, not working.

    My goal is to identify which radio button is selected. Here...
  2. I had similar problem..these are the guidelines.

    - don't have to use json.encode
    - pass data using jsonData:
    - check/vary json data to make sure you are passing in the right format, if you are...
  3. Hi,

    Your help is appreciated in solving this problem with passing param data to ext.ajax.request.

    var data2 = {
    "CSCase": {
    "case_No": '100100*1', "Docket_nbr": 'P...
  4. Hi,

    I am getting the error at the line "deps.add"..... Please see my models definition below. CSCase model hasMany associations with Dependents model (shown below)

    var cscase =...
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    I have downloaded this from gitshub, how do I use in the application? Can I just copy into my sencha app?

    Sorry for asking this question, please help.
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