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  1. The combination of populating and re-populating the tree with setRootNode() instead of using an explicit TreeStore finally worked.
  2. I'm building a tool that fetches data from the server, displays it in a TreePanel, allows the user to manipulate the data, and then save the modified data back to the server, rather than round-trip...
  3. It's a fact of life, and being incompatible with it is tying the hands of the application developers.
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    Sencha has replied in that other thread, btw:
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    I replied in another thread before I found this one. Our application is also built around metaData configuration of a JsonReader; lack of that feature in 4.x is a showstopper.
  6. We also use metaData configuration of a JsonReader; support for this feature is a high priority for us.
  7. How do I get a stateful component to redraw when its state (as stored using Ext.state.Manager et al) has been changed?

    I've got an EditorGridPanel and am using a subclass of CookieProvider to also...
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    I found that 'syncHeights: true' worked to set the initial row heights correctly, but when a row got taller (due to a cell with wrapping text changing its height when the column width was changed),...
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    renderer: function(value, metadata) {
    metadata.attr = 'style="white-space: normal;"';
    return value;
    }, in the column config.
  10. Did it ever become policy to make Ext.js Object.prototype-extension-safe? Today I was bitten by an instance of a loop in 3.2.1 that iterates over an Object's properties without checking...
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