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    I doubt it will ever happen, they can't seam to even release conference material.....
  2. I think its nice, and nice to see a custom theme... One thing I would consider is your user experience. I logged in as demo_en... clicked on list of users and it gives me options to...
  3. Yeh like that, only the code errors in IE...

    @animal, i don't think it would be to hard either just did not want to do it if some one already had, I will attempt it next week and if...
  4. Exactly what jGrowl does, a messaging system to relay messages to the user. The message can be "sticky" or fade away after X time. The ability to deliver multiple messages to the screen.

  5. Hello,

    I have used jquery plugin on a light wieght project, and love it, and am wondering if there is something similar already built into ExtJS?
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    Rember that their is EXT CORE and EXTJS....

    For EXTJS If you are using it for comercial purposes you should buy a licence.

    If you are using it in a combatible open source project you don't...
  7. that cool...
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    Thank you for sharing your presentation stuff!

    btw the zip file is the wrong link should be
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    being stable or not is not the question really... Their was a conference that discussed EXT, that was filmed by EXT.... It is not that hard to open a youtube channel and upload said...
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    I can't believe the videos have not been made available to the public or even attendees for the matter.

    I did not attend but I have purchased a license for 3.0 not that really matters as this is...
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    I agree why??? makes no since...
  12. I use them for our company site, we use the DV (the virtual server)... and love it. But from reading the member only forums I would never ever move to their Grid Service... Go with the DV or higher...
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    amCharts is great, and is cheap $116 USD per site... or free if you want a link in each chart...

    I agree that the EXT chart examples are lacking, and not really powerfull enough (from the...
  14. well I feel stupid, as I have looked over the docs and never relized that the Public Events where the "eventNames"....

    In any case if you take the tabs-advanced example:

  15. That doesn't work, nothing happens when tabs are changed or when they are activated...

    listeners: {tabchange: function(){

    Does any one know where can I find...
  16. hello,

    On a tab panel to add a lister:

    listeners: {activate: function(){
    //function stuff here

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    I think he was talking about form support not a widget ....

    IE this.getValue().... this.submit(), this.setValue()
  18. he / she probably still feals burned... This "dead" horse makes its way into comments all the time, on any site that talks about EXT, I think to you its "dead" but allot of people look at the past...
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    it would be nice if they launched a themeroller like the JQUERY UI has.... Makes it a snap to have the widgets in the look that matches the rest of your site...
  20. Example Issues: (IE 7)
    None of the style dropdowns in the examples work.

    The charts example only shows a few charts not even an example for each chart. When run locally file:// it displays a YUI...
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    For some reason I viewed source on the jobs section of EXTJS
    they are using JQUERY not EXTJS or EXTCORE... I find this kind of funny, although I am sure the jobs...
  22. first POST YOUR CODE
  23. why? from a UI stand point why display options to a user (in this case a scrollbar) if its not really an option....
  24. you should post your code, but my guess is you have this somewhere:

    yourDataStore.setDefaultSort('field_name', 'asc');
  25. I am waiting.... I am writing a reports module as proof of concept, and well I am at the point of the charts just waiting to see if the chart() will work for our needs....

    Can't wait for it to...
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