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  1. Is there a way to toggle the tinymce editor and the textarea?
  2. Ok I found the problem. In the css it had this:

    -webkit-user-select: none;

    I commented those out and it is working. I'm not sure if those were a critical part of the...
  3. Does anyone know if there is a known bug with this extension where form textfields cannot be selected in firefox? I have a nested form in the tab and cannot select text with the mouse in a textfield...
  4. I added the showAt override to the ToolTip override that Animal posted and it fixed the this.anchorEl is undefined bug I was getting.

    Ext.override(Ext.ToolTip, {
    show : function(){
  5. I get the same error as well. Just added this so I haven't tried to debug yet.
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    Has any tried to use the TinyMCE extension with the Ribbon theme from here: ?
    I am working on trying to use both and was wondering if anyone else had tried it. So far it...
  7. If found out what was causing the problem. There is a configuration option in tinymce called constrain_menus. I had this set to true. When I turned that off, problem solved.

    Version 3.0.4...
  8. I will see what I can do to create a working example that shows the bug. Thanks.
  9. I am having a problem with any split buttons added to tinymce when putting the editor in extjs. The popup the opens is out of alignment with the button. If I close the left panel of the viewport then...
  10. I found the files in examples/ux/treegrid. Unfortunately, there isn't any documentation. You pretty much have to jump in and look at the code and see what it is extending (like list) and then...
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    I use to live in Austin, so I would be all for that. =D>
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    I agree. We were fortunate enough to have three of us from our company there so we were able to split up, but I would still like to see the sessions I missed as well.
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    The conference this year was great, but I would definitely like a Disney property better.
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    If I'm understanding what you are wanting to do correctly, maybe you could read the other attribute as a field of the record without creating a column for it in the column model. Then in a custom...
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    Hey, I thought you wore a lab coat??
  16. I usually put the renderer on the record and not on the field and it works fine. What are you using to populate the textfield?
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    I ended up saving the created xml and then calling it using the file path in the grid. It isn't exactly what I had initially planned to do, but it works.
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    Thanks, I was able to get it working. I used the dynamic XML grid example and passed the column model to it as the first element in the xml file. Thanks for the help.
  19. It's been a while since I was working on this, but figured I should come back and post what I ended up with. Essentially, I wasn 't able to figure out how to actually change the name of the field in...
  20. I am able to change the visual name of the column by using setColumnHeader.

    var cm = Ext.getCmp('reportViewGrid').getColumnModel();

    When I commit...
  21. I've been searching through the forums, but haven't found an answer to my question. Here is what I'm trying to do.

    I have the user upload their CSV file. They are then taken to a screen that has...
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    Did you get a solution to work for this? I have similar problem. The user uploads a csv file to php which translates it to xml. I would like to pass that xml to a dynamic grid, but cannot figure out...
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    I'm getting a bit lost in trying to decide the best way to accomplish something. What I'm trying to do is this.

    1. User uploads a file (a comma or tab separated value file) - Done
    2. It is passed...
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    I can get this to work with the option of CSVDataFromString = true; where it reads the datastring but not if it is set to false and trying to read the csv file. Is there another setting I'm missing...
  25. I'm new to Extjs too and it has been a struggle at times to figure out things simply due to how much info there is and how many options you can apply to everything. The help on the forums has been a...
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