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  1. Like I said though: It's so weird because when I look at the Help info the example command it gives is exactly what I tried, but it seems to think the command is malformed (Found extra positional...
  2. It's so weird because when I look at the Help info the example command it gives is exactly what I tried, but it seems to think the command is malformed (Found extra positional argument).
  3. BTW, I am on OSX 10.10.5
  4. Running this: sencha app build package
    I get:

    Sencha Cmd v6.0.1.76
    [ERR] Found extra positional argument package
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    How can I get the newValue of a sliderfield as it is dragged, rather than only once the user lets go of it?

    This is my code (please excuse the coffeescript):

    xtype: 'sliderfield'
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    Of all the Pictos, it's the exact one I need that doesn't work :(
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    Thanks for the response.

    It does have content of 'h':

    font-family: "Pictos";
    content: "h";
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    Hi, I've got something like this in my toolbar:

    xtype: 'button',
    iconCls: 'help',
    iconMask: true
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    This should say "Validates that the given value is not present in the configured list.":!/api/
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    I've open-sourced a moderately large (or, at least, non-trivial) Sencha Touch 2 app that is packaged in PhoneGap. There's some custom PhoneGap plugin code in there too (Android & iOS), but you'll...
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    Made a simple extension of Ext.field.Select that appends an "Other" option that let's user add/choose a custom option.

    Here's the code if it's useful to anyone else:...
  12. here is my code for doing that:

    'index' is starting index relative to beginning of 'items' array ( which is an array of carousel items ).

    var gallery;
  13. I'm just using an xtype of 'component' and then using the html property with straight <video> tag code in it.
  14. Oops... I fixed the issue and removed that development version of the page.

    For anyone with similar problem:

    I had to put everything in Ext.setup and use the Ext.Viewport. For example:

  15. Hi I add a sencha DataView component to a normal webpage and the scroll doesn't work. Any ideas? Here is a link, the code is at the bottom of the source. The row of thumbnails should be scrollable...
  16. Temporary workaround:


    emptyText: ""
    refresh: (c) ->
    if c.getStore().getCount() is 0 and c.getPlugins()[0]?.element?.dom?.childNodes[1]?
  17. Hi,

    PhoneGap and ST 2.1
    I'm forcing Portrait orientation in phonegap with <preference name="orientation" value="portrait" />
    Everything is fine but when I watch a video it let's me change the...
  18. Hi,
    Since I upgrade to 2.1, I've found that the pull refresh plugin is only added to lists that have store that have at least one record in them. This does not work for my use case as records may be...
  19. Yes, that's the problem. Do you know of a to bypass the drag/start/end events on the video tag and pass them onto the carousel?
  20. I have a video tag in some of my carousel cards. If I swipe from the very edge of the screen it will change cards normally. But, if I begin the swipe on top of one of the videos, the carousel will...
  21. I don't know. Thanks for your help, but I just found out I can do this instead of associations. For the dataview of comments I just config this:


    xtype: 'eventcomments'
    data: if...
  22. Hmm... that didn't change anything unfortunately...
  23. Thanks for the answer. However, it didn't work. I looked at the docs (!/api/ and it looks like the autoLoad is only for...
  24. Please let me know if you need me to provide more information. This problem has been a big time-drainer; so any ideas are welcome!
  25. Hi,

    I have a model called Event that hasMany Comment records. I have a store of Events. When I load the Events store everything is great. But if I make a server-side change and then call...
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